I started with a small custom module pilot project with the Innoraft team, and ended up working with them on a 10 month long complete overhaul from proprietray system to a responsive drupal website.


Innoraft was exemplary in handling everything for us. Whether it be optimizing servers for performance, working the designers, sharing knowledge with our team on drupal and git best practices. The amount of energy and innovation they bring is a delight.

Finance And Investment

Over a one year period, traffic to my Drupal based website has grown 703%. Innoraft has been a major player in helping us achieve that growth. Right from the very beginning, they have provided an outstanding level of Drupal design, coding and programming implementation.


aamaadmiparty.org is one of India’s most visited political organization website with over 600,000 unique monthly visitors and increasing. The Innoraft team acted as a crucial anchor in the project.


We have helped all our clients, without exception, with hosting solutions suited to their needs and budgets.

We are Acquia partners and have moved enterprise applications to the Cloud. At times we have stitched together Amazon AWS based hosting solutions for custom needs of non-profits. For those who already came to us with a trusted hosting provider of choice, we have optimized the servers for maximum performance.

We bring in the knowledge, experience and the drupal way of doing things to build and support - enterprise applications, products for startups, tools for educatione-commerce platforms, websites for non-profits ... all kinds of technology solutions where drupal is a good fit.

We also support existing drupal teams and organizations by letting you hire drupal experts on contract for application development work, consultancy, training and audit.

Today's world is in the midst of a digital revolution.

Which is why we build digital experiences for your products and ideas which work seamlessly across multiple devices which are now parts of people's everyday lives.

Every website needs Maintenance. We address that need by automating routine tasks, providing support to fix bugs and documenting our work extensively. And we are always excited about adding new enhancements and suggesting the right solutions for your evolving needs.