The Apple Way of Keeping a Relevant Website
2019 25 Mar

The Apple Way of Keeping a Relevant Website

Having a business without a blog is no different than keeping your work a secret. Doesn’t sound like the best decision, does it? What goes into making your website resonate with your audience and truly bring out the best in your business?

Your website can be the melting pot of all the different marketing strategies you deploy to grow your business. Just the way it’s imperative for you to understand your customers, it is as important for the customers to have a clear lens into your business. Your website is the perfect platform and an opportunity to accomplish that!

The biggest example of the significance of a relevant website can be taken from Apple.

Here’s the golden circle of a relevant website:



Being one of the largest multinational technology companies in the world, it is necessary for them to set standards through their website and match the modern day trends. It reflects just how a simple and clean website can nurture trust and loyalty from customers and the audience.

As a visitor, whoever comes across your website is bound to come with apprehensions and questions. How well can you answer these doubts and make them feel like they are making the right decision by choosing your brand? The Apple homepage is welcoming, simple, modern and highlights the products perfectly well. It’s not just the design, but also the content of the website that proves to be a very important element. You want to make your products look, and sound great!

THE HOW to The Why! 

For instance, every time it has to launch a product, the website creates the hype that the product needs in the market and builds its aura before the launch. As soon as a new product is introduced, the Apple homepage gets taken over by full-page banners with impactful and simple images that have clear messages and truly communicate with the consumers. They are accompanied with quick links to videos and landing pages from where you can retrieve more information about the products.

Also, the navigation on the webpage is clear and easily comprehensible. It takes no effort to reach the information that you came for. The content on your website should be realistic and a reflection of the promises you make as a company to your audience. Make sure your website always supports your channels of communication, whether it’s on-ground or on social media.



All in all, here’s a few things to learn from the Apple website:

  • Your website is your direct touch point with your consumers

  • Clear navigation and communication keep the visitors interested in your website.

  • Clear and high-quality imagery is important to give the page a visual element. 

  • Vibrant typography and colors are effective ways to convey your message. 

  • The user experience should be smooth, easy and appealing. 


If you are ever unsure of how to do it, just think of what Apple would do!

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