Innoraft Logo
2016 09 Mar

Innoraft Prompts Change with Launch of New Logo

By Sumana Chakraborty

Innoraft launched a new logo today, signalling a promise of change. The branding change confirm Innoraft’s singular focus towards the company’s seamless work process. The new logo of the company represent their intention to explore that extra mile and embrace new technologies to serve their clients better.

“At Innoraft, we call ourselves - Rafters. In Hindi it means ‘fast pace’. Our Logo symbolizes the same”, said Mukesh Agarwal, CEO and Founder of Innoraft. He further added, “We want to work smarter, deliver faster and offer our clients more success stories”.

The new logo was Innoraft was chosen through an online contest on 99designs ( Earlier in February, Innoraft held an online logo design contest on one of most celebrated design marketplace. The response was huge as we received around 250 logo designs.  

“It was tough to choose one from the whooping 250 entries”, said Mukesh. “But nevertheless, we had a lot of fun brainstorming and shortlisting the entries. Finally we chose this one as it reflected our true spirit - life is all about twists and turns and then moving ahead. And of course, it looked a very unique and creative design”.

A prize money of $400 was awarded to the winner.

The new logo will appear on all social media channels today, and will be added to the new website of Innoraft, which will be launched soon.

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