regular website maintenance importance for business success
2021 27 Oct

Why Regular Website Maintenance is Important for Its Success

All the components of the website must be working efficiently. If you do not consider regular monitoring and maintenance of the website, it would be challenging to ensure the visibility of your business. This article will discuss the reasons why you must employ a renowned website maintenance service provider.

The change in the habits of the audience has made businesses focus more on their websites. They are designing optimal workflows while ensuring the website has relevant content to draw more visitors. Many business owners understand the need for a website and create one. They do not care about website maintenance that leads to reduce conversions and revenues.

website maintenance benefits for your business

Ensures Optimal Customer Experience

The importance of website maintenance arises from the fact that the website's theme stays updated. Otherwise, there could be problems for the website to load on the newer browser versions. Regularly scheduled maintenance activities ensure that the theme version is updated and visitors can view the website properly.

Specialised maintenance teams can ensure that the various components of the website are working fine. Amending the information on the website periodically and you can carry out any other required changes. It can also help to make changes to the product pages. You can add new product pages or amend the incumbent ones.

The maintenance team can add shareable content onto the website that can help in boosting website visits. You can include items like a newsletter or other documents like brochures, flyers, and case studies. The website can assure brand promotion and improve user experience if it is adequately maintained. The support team can conduct periodic audits to improve the website.

Assures Website Security

Hackers are always looking for loopholes across the internet to carry out their malicious activities. Businesses must depute a reputed website maintenance service provider to help plug any vulnerabilities on the website. The relevant team can undertake penetration testing to assess the presence of any such weaknesses. 

If you are utilising any CMS like Drupal, you must migrate to the latest version. When maintaining Drupal sites, you must keep track of any upgrades and makes suitable arrangement for upgrading the website. Keep in mind that Drupal 9 websites require PHP version 7.3. Any minor release must be tracked and can help to safeguard website security.

The maintenance team also confirms that the passwords are strong and secure. They will also safeguard the website by downloading the latest patches to secure the website. The team will also take necessary backups and remove any backdated modules that may still be present on the website.

Enhance Search Rankings

The maintenance team needs to confirm that the website adheres to the latest SEO best practices. It is of utmost importance as the website must rank higher during keyword search results. The team must be aware of the SEO best practices and make suitable changes to the website. Update the site regularly for a better search rank.

It is essential to undertake technical SEO activities periodically. There is a need to assess whether there are any redirect errors or broken links on the website. Check the page titles and meta descriptions of the web pages too. If you add new web pages, you must optimise the content also. Consider having changes to adhere to the on-page SEO requirements.

The support team must also download the newer plugins that can help in the SEO of the site. Set notifications to ensure they receive alerts for any updates. There must be periodic SEO audits to check whether the site conforms to the latest SEO best practices.

Increase Visitor Traffic

You must make suitable changes to the website to ensure high footprints. Businesses must employ a website maintenance service provider for a faster turnaround of these changes. Apart from adding new content, there could be additional features like introducing a form or creating a newsletter workflow for the audience.

New technologies can help to improve user experience, and there increase website visitors too. Another importance of website maintenance is that the team can assess the website's compatibility with the new technologies and implement them readily. The support team must assess the website's page load speed and ensure it meets the required standards.

Web admins must also track visitor traffic to consider suitable changes to the website. The website maintenance team must track errors and assess the JavaScript code's smooth running that helps run Google Analytics. The team must undertake reviews at a suitable time every month or after deploying the code.

Taking Periodic Backups

Another critical activity of the support team is to undertake periodic backups of the website. Ideally, the team can take a full backup of the website every week or every fortnight. You can take incremental backups every 2 - 3 days. The support team can do it manually or by taking the help of the web host.

You can also take a backup of the website once there is an updated release of the CMS. Having a backup of the website can come to your help if you lose the website information. Even if you misplace some of the content, you can search for it in the backup files.

Your website can also be subject to various attacks from hackers. Long downtimes are unacceptable to the web admins, and the turnaround time for the website must be short. It is possible when you have proper backups of the website.

Promote Brand Image

Are you aware that your website is the mouthpiece for your audience? You can use it to send out customised messages to your audience. The website can be an extension of your branding activities. However, it could require extensive back-end work carried out by experienced website maintenance service providers.

The brand image of your business covers the performance of your website too. The site must load on time, there must be no broken links, and there must be no errors on the website. Else, your business will be perceived as unprofessional, leading to a loss of revenue.

Your website must not look out of sorts with the latest trends and technologies. It is also necessary that the maintenance experts have an idea about the audience behaviour and their likes and dislikes. Happy visitors are bound to transact with your business and become loyal customers.

Undertake Periodic Health Checks

There must be a specialised team who will thoroughly assess whether all the features are working. All features must be tested, including the forms, chat window and chatbots, among others. The website must comply with the global best practices, and this must take up some time for the support team.

The website must not have any outdated code and ensure the removal of all deprecated code from the website. The custom code must be updated and checked for security updates, and undertake refactoring the website every six months. The maintenance team must also help web admins when necessary to make structural changes to the website.


If you feel that your website is complete once it is live, you are mistaken! The website is never complete, and you must continuously make changes to the website. Some of it may arise from audience behaviour, but most of them will be technical. There are a host of factors that will keep the website team busy.

The website must be maintained and kept up to date. Supporting the site can ensure success for your business. Hence, website maintenance is crucial for companies of all sizes. The website is the face of your company, and making investments in maintaining it can lead to a secure website that can lead to more conversions. It helps to deploy the services of a dedicated website maintenance service provider. We are just a phone call away!

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