17 Feb 2016

How I started Docker

This is a story basically about my first encounter with Docker. How I started playing with docker with just one motivation and how I fell in love....
17 Feb 2016

Multiple Jquery Version

Many times you need to work with more than one jquery version, especially if you are working with drupal6. Most of the funky jquery plugins doesn't ...
26 Jul 2015

Archive Webform Submissions

Webform is the 2nd most popular module after views and is widely used. Most of the sites built on drupal are using this module.
11 May 2015

Hard time with Drupal, Varnish Cache and Cookies

Using a reverse proxy server in front of a web server is usually needed for every big site and it is a very good thing to do so as reverse proxy server...
11 Oct 2014

Programmatically add pane to panel display in database

Following is an example code that shows how to add a custom content pane to a panel display. NOTE: this code is for adding pane to a panel .....
18 Jul 2014

Say no to captcha - Various Spam Protection Methods

Maintaining high traffic websites have their own merits and demerits, the most annoying thing about them is SPAM. Following are some Drupal....