07 Dec 2011

Use entity reference in your custom entities (without bundles)

Entities are a big boon to Drupal, just that the learning curve is a bit longer than CCKs and nodes. I've read a lot about how these entities work ....
29 Oct 2011

Install Memcache on your ubuntu server & make your drupal faster

This post explains setting up memcache on Drupal 6. We will very soon follow up for Drupal 7. Why do I need memcache for my drupal site?
10 Sep 2011

Handling files with Drupal (CSV import)

Drupal allows pretty smooth file management API for developers.. Here is a small piece of code in which I tried to take CSVs as input...
10 Sep 2011

Use profile fields as tokens in user emails in Drupal

In Drupal, many a times I have found the need of using user profile values in my email configurations at "User Settings" and let the client...