01 May 2014

How a page request is processed by Drupal 7 ?

Having a conceptual framework of what happens when a request is received by Drupal is helpful, so this blog provides a quick walk-through.
09 Apr 2014

How to configure your command line to see useful git information in the prompt? And add colors, drush auto-completion and shortcuts too!

Every developer configures ones machine in a manner that assists them in the development workflow, and loves to learn, share new and better ways to do things.
26 Feb 2014

Personalize your site content using Demandbase

In any industry, it is critical to provide personalization experiences to customers, suppliers and partners. The Demandbase platform provides superior....
24 Feb 2014

Recurring Subscription Payment Options with Drupal - Recurly, Chargify, Commerce Subscription Product, Commerce License, And more.

When you sell on the internet, you customers either buy the product and pay it’s cost one time, or they buy a service or a subscription...
11 Dec 2013

Importing hotels from Booking.com as nodes using its API

Booking.com exposes an API that an affliate partner can use to return hotel details as xml files. I am assuming that we already have a knowledge of.....
10 Dec 2013

Change Field Type with data to Text

Sometimes, our client can change his/her requirements and that change might involve changing the type of a field from any type to TEXT.