Get a Cross-Platform Mobile App & Tap with Wider Customer Base....

Are you looking for a Mobile App for your business that will run smoothly across iPhone, Android and Windows platform?
If yes, then getting a Hybrid App developed will be your “must-go” option. A Hybrid Application offers you complete cross-platform flexibility.
Who knows which mobile device your customers use. It can be any. So you must not leave any stone unturned.

Since the last few years, Innoraft has been developing Hybrid Applications that are enriched with high-end functionalities and features matching our client’s business requirements. The Application we develop possesses compelling UI and UX, highly customizable and can be easily downloadable in App Stores be it Play-store or I-Store or Windows App Store.

Being one of the renowned mobile app development companies in India, we rely a lot on our team’s expertise to deliver our clients the best Hybrid mobile app development services. Technological prowess is one of our key strengths. To develop Hybrid Apps we utilize technologies such as HTML 5 along with frameworks such as PhoneGap, Cordova, JqueryMobile, and Ionic.

Finally, our expertise and confidence in cross-platform mobile app development have evolved from the feedback and testimonials we have received from our global clientele.

Why you should consider developing a Hybrid App?
  • Because of it is Cost-effective
    Hybrid App is a cross-platform application. The same code will work on any devices, be it Android, iOS or Windows. This property not only reduces the cost but also increases the speed of development.
  • Speed
    A hybrid app is much faster than a native app and a mobile web app. As for a Hybrid App, there is no dependency on the network communication, hence it runs faster in device screen even at times when there are multiple users.
  • User Experience
    User Experience is a factor that will impact the success of the Mobile App. Compared to Native, a Hybrid App ensures much better User Experiences.

The Technology Stack for Hybrid App Development

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React Native
Revamp icon title
React Native
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Ionic (LEss)
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Ionic (LEss)
Xemrin (Old) to develop Native and cross-platform based apps.
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Xemrin (Old) to develop Native
& cross-platform based apps.


Why you may think to hire Mobile App Developers from Innoraft?
  • Our Grey Hairs are our Wisdom Highlights -
    8+ Years of Proven Track Record & Recognition
  • Technological Prowess -
    We work with the latest & the best technologies as Technology is the fuel of our BMW.
  • Our Process -
    From Development to Project Management, our process is logical and is key to our success.
  • Our Team-
    Certified Professionals with years of experience in the relevant domain. We have professionals of different skillset such as Developers, UX Designers, Copy-writers and Quality Analysts. We assure too many cooks will not spoil the dish as too many spices will make it tastier.
  • TAT -
    No TIT for TAT, we are agile and our Turn Around Time will never let you feel that we are sleeping.
  • UI/UX -
    The taste of success can be judged only when your audience likes it. Compelling UI/UX guaranteed by us makes success happen.


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