Website Design & Development

At Innoraft we not only develop a Website, but we also develop brand identity that resonates with their organization's values and ethics. We make sure that the website we develop is having the power to be visible in the search engine, can attract a web audience, and can convert them as business leads.

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Drupal Website Development

Utilizing Drupal CMS is our forte as since the last 9 years we have been burning our hands in developing feature enriched websites with attractive UI/UX utilizing latest version of Drupal CMS.

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Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are contributing a great deal to the growth of businesses in all industries​. Infact, the business generated via mobile apps has proven to be more effective than other technologies. By 2023, mobile apps are projected to generate more than 935 billion US dollars in revenues.

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eCommerce Website Development

If you are thinking of developing an eCommerce Marketplace and have landed upon this page with this intention, you are definitely quite some league ahead of others.

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To develop and maintain the website of HCL Technologies is a great honor for us. The website is complete, secure, performance optimized and looks great.

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Developed using Drupal, the website showcases the assortment of technologies and services provided by LTTS.


Shiv Nadar University


SNU website is a multi-site with every school and department having a website of it’s own and a central database. The UI/UX is a bellwether in the industry.

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Greenwich Associates is the leading global provider of data, analytics and insights to the financial services industry.






Designed and refactored for today’s workloads, PHP 7 is the ultimate choice for websites. It is faster, scalable, and reliable.



Drupal is the most trusted open source CMS supports PHP & MySQL, backed by active community.



Architect, build, optimize, secure and manage your cloud infrastructure on AWS for the best growth, scale, and performance.

leaf AEM
leaf REACT
leaf AWS
leaf PHP


Powerhouse combo of CMS and DAM for large enterprises.

angular js

Angular JS

AngularJS is a frontend framework in JS that lets you easily separate the UI from the backend.


React JS

The most sought after open source JavaScript library for building scalable web applications.


“Innoraft was exemplary in handling everything for us. Whether it be optimizing servers for performance, working the designers, sharing knowledge with our team on drupal and git best practices. The amount of energy and innovation they bring is a delight. ”

Apurva Chamaria


“I started with a small custom module pilot project with the Innoraft team, and ended up working with them on a 10 month long complete overhaul from proprietray system to a responsive drupal website.”

Lee Woodman

Visit Digital Ltd

“Over the last few years Mukesh's team has been our partner for several projects. We have always found the quality of their work and customer service to be top-notch. We will continue to use their expertise in future and will also have no hesitation in recommending them to any company that is looking for Drupal expertise.”

Mukul Gupta

Capital Numbers

"My company needed a private website set up for a hackathon. Mukesh and his team at Innoraft rapidly provided an initial version, based on our design discussion and some primitive wireframes with content placeholders, and just as ..Quality job, Innoraft!"Read more


CeleritiFinTech Services

"Shiv Nadar University was envisaging to develop its website which would be vibrant, dynamic with relevant contents being presented to its existing and prospective user communities (Student, Faculty, Parent & Staff), so that users could find the information in an intuitive way...Innoraft as our partner." Read more

Kanad Chatterjee

HCL Corporation and Shiv Nadar Foundation

“Over a one year period, traffic to my Drupal based website has grown 703%. Innoraft has been a major player in helping us achieve that growth. Right from the very beginning, they have provided an outstanding level of Drupal design, coding and programming implementation.”

Ogbe Airiodion

Airiodion Consulting Group

Visit Digital Ltd
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CeleritiFinTech Services
HCL Corporation and Shiv Nadar Foundation
Airiodion Consulting Group


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