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30th Apr, 2022
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15 Effective Mobile App Development Trends That Will Boost

15 Effective Mobile App Development Trends That Will Boost - Banner

The mobile app development industry is continuously evolving with great speed. There is indeed tough competition in this industry. So being a mobile app development company, you need to get familiar with all the latest mobile app development trends. 

Mobile app development companies need to get updated with the new trends to provide the best services to clients. The same goes for content creators and producers ready to take their brands to the next level with mobile development. Do you want to compete with the new mobile app development trends? 

With the most recent innovative headways and new developments coming to our regular day-to-day existence, it's not off-base to imagine that 2022 will undoubtedly be the extended time of mobile applications, and both appreneurs and enterprises will have more business open doors.

After conducting thorough research by our business analyst team, we've identified and listed below the top mobile app development trends in 2022.

Mobile app development trends

What are the Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2022?

While many new trends in mobile app development are emerging this year, here are the top mobile app development trends that we picked after elaborative, fact-based research.

Rise of 5G

The 5G innovation has been around for some time. In any case, this year, it has become a buzzword. Technology companies have begun joining 5G at full scale, and we see 5G-empowered gadgets in the market. By the following year, it is expected that 660Mn smartphones will have a 5G association, which records around 47.5% of all devices.

Look at how 5G associations overall are projected to grow in upcoming years.

Mobile app development trends

AR and VR

The achievement of Pokemon Go might have been brief. However, it prepared for AR in mobile application development. Furthermore, it showed the world that we could utilize VR to offer a vivid experience to users.

Today, on the off chance if we throw a look, we can observe various situations where brands use AR and VR to upgrade client experience.

  • Ikea uses AR to allow clients to perceive how furniture will check out their home before getting it.
  • L'Oreal has the application of a virtual cosmetic that permits clients to perceive how the cosmetics look on their appearances.
  • Lenskart allows clients essentially to attempt glasses before getting them.
  • Indeed, even Apple, Google, and Meta are acquiring advancements in AR and VR. Google presented an element called "Live View" in Google Maps, where clients can see the course progressively on certifiable symbolism.
  • LiDAR is one more colossal innovation headway we have recently found in the field of AR. Called AR at the speed of light by Apple - we saw the innovation making its introduction in iPad Pro, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone Pro 12 Pro max. It has brought AR to an unheard-of level. As a result, LiDAR has become capable of capturing quality photographs in low light.

Apple has even reformed the furniture shopping process by collaborating with Ikea to send off another Studio Mode feature that utilizes LiDAR development. Using the component, users can guide their devices toward the spot where they need to put the furnishings, and the LiDAR innovation will examine the space to put a consistent scale furniture model practically.

This year, we will see AR and VR forming the mobile application development industry in manners we can't envision. As a result, the mobile application trends will become more standard. Statista indicates that the market of AR and VR will increase from $27 billion to about $209 billion out of 2022.

We'll likewise see a spike in the quantity of AR and VR users this year. It implies you have an extraordinary opportunity to use these mobile application development trends to welcome game-changing experiences to users on mobile.

Mobile Wallets

There is no doubt that the interest in Mobile wallet application development is rising, and with security being the most profound concern among mobile application designers, the use of mobile wallets is simply going to increase in the year 2022.

Frictionless payment methods customers love to find in the mobile applications they use.

In 2022, mobile wallets and payment gateway integration that offer the most elevated level of secured encryption will become standard in the mobile application development world.

Cloud computing

Many believe Cloud Computing to be an extravagance choice; in 2022, that won't be the case any longer. The world has as of now begun awakening to the advantages as well as potential outcomes that Cloud brings to the table.

For example, Cloud gives a couple of advantages. Cloud's lessening costs in web hosting further developed stacking limits and smoothed out business tasks. These days, numerous security-related issues are being tackled with the assistance of the Cloud, making mobile application development safer, quick, and dependable.

Furthermore, with the assistance of Cloud development, for example, AWS cloud arrangement, Dropbox, SlideRocket, and some more, it is currently possible to develop cloud-based solid applications. That implies we ought to expect more special applications requiring minimal storage from mobile phones to be delivered in 2022.


There is no doubt that the market of wearable technology is experiencing rapid development. This implies there isn't just a noticeable amount of investment appropriated to the wearable market, yet later on, the word wearable mobile devices and mobile phones will turn out to be similarly pretty much as unnecessary as the word mobile phone right presently is.

Today, the primary control board of any wearable device is the mobile device. That is to say, to make a wearable, the mobile device should be combined with it, and they likewise should be nearby.

However, as per the Co-Founder of UNA, Ryan Craycraft, our mobile devices will not be the primary center any longer soon.

Indeed, wearable application development will have a more omnipresent association straightforwardly to the web and might even be to our body. Apple Watch and Samsung Watch can be considered as conspicuous examples of this.