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16th Aug, 2021
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8 Social Media Integration Modules for Drupal 9 Website

8 Social Media Integration Modules for Drupal 9 Website - Banner

Drupal 9 have some awesome social media integration modules. These modules will help link your website to social media platforms easily like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and other tools to your service. Here in this article let’s explore those Drupal social media integration modules now.

The advent of the internet has brought about a change in consumer behavior. Businesses are aligning their marketing strategies towards their online footprints. The website has been the path towards exponential growth. And it does not stop here! The website must be integrated with the social media profiles of the business too.

A large part of the audience frequents social media channels. Hence, all businesses have a social media plan that is integrated into their overall online strategies. You must integrate the website with your social media profiles. Are you aware that Drupal social media integration is easy? How is it? We will learn more in this article.

How can you Integrate your Website with your Social Media Profiles?

As businesses continue to spend heavily on marketing technologies, there is a need for every CMS to aid enterprises too. The CMS must help to seamlessly integrate the content and the technology platforms and provide the ideal customer experience.

Social media allows businesses of all sizes to amplify their outreach to the target market. CMSs like Drupal 9 can help immensely by allowing your organization to enhance communication with the audience and have better visibility. You can call in the experts to formalize your Drupal 9 social media integration strategy.

There are several ways to boost outreach, like using content sharing buttons, feeds, and counters, allowing links to your social media pages, or including tweetable phrases in the content. There is a need to build customized visitor profiles and recommend products that would suit them. You must streamline the campaigns and must optimize lead generation and tracking too.

Best Drupal Social Media Integration Modules for your Website

Let us have a sneak peek into some of the Drupal 9 modules for social media sharing via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Youtube, Tumblr, and a lot of other social networks.

AddToAny Share Buttons Module

The universal sharing buttons can look great on any background, and this module can allow you to make use of them. They are scalable and can fit high-PPI screens too. Apart from being vector buttons, they are lightweight too.

This Drupal social media icons module can help web admins integrate the website's social media buttons. The vector icons allow automatic dark mode and can be placed in an adjustable field on various pages and articles. They can also be placed on templates and themes.

drupal addtoany share buttons

Image Credit: Drupal.org

Social Auth Google Module

Several websites require visitors to register on the website to receive any service. However, an elaborate registration process erodes the visitor experience. It is better if they can use their Google account to register themselves. This module does exactly that! Visitors can log in to the website using their Google account.

The module is a part of the Drupal Social Initiative that ensures harmonizing the authentication with any external services in Drupal 9. The module is based on the social API that provides a proper blend of external services and authentication.

social auth google logo

Image Credits: Drupal.org

Social Media Links Block and Field

One of the essential functionalities of a website is to allow visitors to follow any updates on the site. Therefore, the module can allow a "Follow Us" feature. In addition, it will provide a configurable block to show the icons to your profile on different social networking websites.

The module has icon sets of different sizes. The developer can choose the icons from varying backgrounds and sizes. It is supported by major social networking channels like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

social media links block

Image Credits: Drupal.org

Social Media Share Module

Another essential feature of a website is to allow visitors to share content. This module enables sharing a web page to various other social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. You can place it anywhere on the site. The services can be disabled or modified from a config page.

The module allows the flexibility to add additional services, change the orders, or modify the elements before rendering them. The developer can also disable services from the config page. In addition, the module provides a unique social media field that is flexible to allow sharing of any web page.

Shariff Social Media Buttons Module

Are you looking for a feature-rich Drupal social media share buttons module? This module allows web admins to have a safer way to add the social sharing buttons on any Drupal 9 website. Of course, the websites must not leak the visitor's sensitive personal data. However, unlike other modules, it is safe and does not call any external JavaScript or inject iframes.

When it has been downloaded, it can display the buttons as a block. The module helps in improving site performance too. It can also help to show the sharing counter by using a Shariff back-end library. The developer can have the freedom to put an available back-end library outside the Drupal root, while they can reference the URL in the module setting.

shariff buttons

Image Credits: Drupal.org

Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons

Your website must have social sharing buttons to help visitors share the content they like on your website. It is among the best Drupal 9 modules for social media sharing and allows you to share SVG icons compatible with most browsers. In addition, the icons are lightweight, and you don't need third-party scripts to use them.

The buttons are mainly designed as share buttons but can also be used as a follow button. Thus, it can entice the visitor to visit your social media page. The module allows the developer to configure the controls to be shown on the site. You can configure the number rows too and the sizes as well.

ridiculously responsive social sharing buttons

Image Credits: Drupal.org

Social Feed Module

Are you willing to show a live feed from your social media page onto your website? Then this is the module that can allow you to have this feature. It integrates data from your social media pages onto your website. The information will display according to the requirements set by you. It is relatively easy to configure, and you can show the feeds using the block system. The default layout is in simple text and is easy for your developers.

Like and Dislike

If you are looking forward to bringing more visitors to your articles, you must set up a feature to allow them to like your article. This module can help you to have this feature on your website. It will enable the developer to create a widget that can easily stick on the web page. You can also configure the bundles for which you need this feature to work. Then, all you must do is to change the settings!

like & dislike button

Image Credits: Drupal.org


With most of the audience online, businesses are revising their strategies and focussing more on their digital footprints. Social media is also increasingly becoming relevant in digital campaigns. Therefore, it becomes necessary for websites to integrate with their social media pages. Drupal social media integration can help in seamless integration.

Businesses opting for Drupal must bring experts to ensure visitors can effortlessly promote content from the website on various social media channels. There are several Drupal 9 modules for social share that can help. All you must do is to call in the Drupal experts. We would be happy to help!