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26 Aug, 2021
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Best Email Marketing Software for eCommerce to Boost Sales

Best Email Marketing Software for eCommerce to Boost Sales

Is email marketing still the best marketing method? How much is it successful for the eCommerce platform? With so many social media platforms available, email is still a winner and the most powerful promotional method available. For online retailers, whether you are going for clicks, conversion or overall ROI, there are many email marketing software for eCommerce. Let's uncover the best email marketing software platforms that are highly recommendable.

Businesses must have the right marketing mix that can enhance their outreach to their audience. There are several avenues that they can take to communicate about their solutions portfolio. One of them is sending out emailers to their target market in the B2B or B2C segment. Studies have shown that emails continue to be on the top of the agenda of several businesses.

Emails are a powerful tool that can enhance your prospect pipeline and ensure improved conversion rates. If you have a proper email strategy, it can provide you with an optimal RoI and add to your revenues. E-commerce companies mainly use them to bring in more customers to their business. It is also necessary that you take the help of some of the best email marketing software for eCommerce that will help to boost your email campaigns.

This article will discuss some of the best email marketing software that you can use.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Email Marketing Software for eCommerce


One of the critical factors for your email marketing software is the deliverability of the emails. An effective tool is necessary to enhance your outreach. It must follow email marketing best practices and avoid spam filters. You will need advanced technologies that will allow improved inbox placement. The tool must provide insights into the success of your campaigns and keep you aware of any general delivery issues.

Features Supported

While selecting the best email marketing service provider, you must consider the features supported by the tool. It should allow creating different email formats and segregation of the contact list based on additional segregation requirements. It should provide multiple templates, and drag and drop builders can help users a lot. It must ensure the personalization of emails that assures better open rates. The software must support next-gen features like Artificial Intelligence and automation. A/B testing is another necessary feature as well.

Integration with Other Software

It is essential to integrate the email software with various other software. One of the critical integrations will be with CRM systems. It is necessary that the email software pulls the prospect data directly from your CRM systems and helps you in setting up targeted email campaigns. The integration will also help you create customer segments and send out targeted emails to ensure better open rates.

Ease of Use

Another critical factor to consider when selecting bulk email marketing software is ease of use. There are a few ones that are too complicated for beginners. The user must find it easy to set up the system themselves. Outsourcing could be an option, but you can save money by keeping it in-house. It is also necessary to understand the insights provided by the tool as it will help you create better campaigns in the future.

The Best Email Marketing Automation Softwares for e-Commerce


Mailchimp is a renowned email automation software for small and medium businesses. It has a simple UI and several elegant templates that you can use for your marketing campaigns. It also covers several unique features that separate it from its competition. 

It has more than 250 integrations with other applications that are a significant draw for e-commerce companies. It also integrates with several e-commerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, etc. You can be in touch with the best eCommerce Development Company in India for details. You can create exquisitely branded emails. There are additional features that can allow you to engage with your audience better.

The tool allows users to preview emails in various email clients, allows trigger-based messages, provides a full array of reporting and checks spam scores. It comes with a free plan for up to 2,000 contacts. The paid program starts from USD 10.25 per month for additional 500 contacts, and the Premium plan starts at USD 306.31 for 10,000 contacts.


The Klaviyo software is an SMS and email marketing platform for small and medium companies. It allows you to personalize your emails continuously by capturing client data from e-commerce sites. You can create different card abandonment templates and follow-up sequences. It can integrate the standard CRM platforms allowing ease of use for customers.

Users can utilize the embedded forms, flyouts, and pop-ups for greeting website visitors. It uses data science features and advanced techniques like predictive analytics and machine learning to improve conversions. In addition, the tool allows location, URL, profile targeting that will enable you to send the best messages to your audience.

The tool can provide details about the channels that can optimize your conversions. You can also segment the audience and find the lifetime value of your customers. It allows A/B testing of your emails, timing, or the subject line and uses the drag and drop builder for better results. You can use automation for social media campaigns also.

You can start with USD 20 each month for up to 500 contacts.


If you are searching for email marketing software for an eCommerce business, then HubSpot can be the ideal option. It offers automation and enriched customization features to help e-commerce businesses reach their audience through targeted emails. It is part of their "Marketing Hub" module that also covers content management and analytics.

You can create targeted campaigns that can help you convert more leads. For example, the tool can develop smart emails that include improved subject lines, targeted content, and improved CTAs that are bound to improve open rates. In addition, you can segregate the audience based on various criteria like demographics, behaviour, psychographics, location, etc.

The features allow you to create automated workflows with a drag and drop builder. You can have pre-set conditions to trigger the emails. You can also undertake A/B testing to ascertain the best options for your campaigns going ahead. The Marketing Hub comes with other features like contact management, creating landing pages, etc. The Starter Edition is available at USD 45 per month.


The next on our list is SendinBlue that provides automated software for you. There are drag and drop editors that make creating the campaigns easier for you. It also provides a whole array of marketing software. You can design elegant emails by choosing from the several templates available.

The content can be added dynamically, including the senders. You can create several lists and segregate them based on various criteria. The software allows A/B testing and uses machine learning to inform you about the best times for sending emails. The tool can also help you create signup forms, landing pages, retargeted ads, and Facebook ads.

There is a free plan for starters. It covers unlimited contacts but allows up to 300 emails in a day. The Lite version is available at INR 1510 per month and allows up to 10,000 emails per month. The Premium version is available at INR 3895.50 per month and allows up to 20,000 emails every month.

Campaign Monitor

E-commerce companies who are looking forward to improving conversion can choose Campaign Monitor as their email automation software. You can easily connect with your audience using this easy-to-use and automated software. It is easy to use, and you can customize any template by using the drag and drop builder.

Designers can customize the layout to include your branding guidelines too and import the logo and brand colors. The emails are optimized for mobile phones too. There are several free templates too, and you can automate the campaigns based on the customer journeys envisaged by you.

You can segregate the contacts and the customer data based on pre-set criteria. In addition, a Link Review feature allows you to confirm working links before sending out the emails. The Basic version will enable you to send 2,500 emails every month and costs USD 9 per month.


Emails are an essential strategy that is part of the marketing strategy of all e-commerce companies. Therefore, you will need the best email marketing automation software to boost your revenues. There are several options available, but you must know the various factors to consider before finalizing one. We have discussed these factors in detail and the best options available to you.