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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  is an all time hot topic for the web. Whether you are a webmaster, a business website owner or a blogger, everyone wants to appear in the first page of any search engine. If you are new to this SEO then let me define it. It is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or web page in a search engine’s unpaid results often referred to as natural, organic or earned results.

SEO isn’t just about making search engine friendly websites. The focus should be more on making a website even better when people visit .The primary method for most internet users to find a webpage is through search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.These are the commercial search engines which add traffic to one’s website. Google is an important search engine but it should be remembered that there are other local search engines of different places which should also be considered. Like in India here is the list of local search engines which includes askme.com, justdial.com and khojmaster.com etc. And yes, social media has a huge impact in gaining traffic too but that is out of the scope of SEO. Here, we will dig deep into Search Engine Optimization and the latest seo techniques 2019.

Functionalities of search engine:

  1. Crawling

  2. Building the index

Why do we require SEO?

SEO is required in everything whether online business or gaining popularity in a search engine. It helps in:

  • Promotion

  • Establishing the credibility

  • Adding traffic

Approaches to SEO:

I am classifying it into two parts:

  1. Integrated approach

  2. Holistic approach

Integrated Approach to SEO

User preferences  

There are different seo techniques. In this approach, as a SEO webmaster, one should understand the user needs by the keywords which are frequently searched by the user. For example if a person is searching for something on a search engine the result should display immediately as soon as he searches. My basic recommendation to website owners is to avoid low volumes keywords because low volume keywords do not drive much traffic.


This step will give you an approach for how your content should be well optimized. The responsibilities lie on the content writers to produce a good source of content which can be easily optimized by organic search engines. Content writers should have proper knowledge about the title, header tag, image tag, meta tags and page URLs and other on page optimization methods.

Role of SEO Team

The role of SEO team comes in optimizing the content technically, the dependency lies on both writers and the SEO team. Consistency should be maintained between keywords, content, and technical elements.

Techniques to Gain traffic

Two essential strategies which a SEO team requires are to “publicize” and to “promote”. For publicizing  the content we need to check the internal links and whether they are linking to a relevant page or not. There are some guidelines which should be followed while promoting the content of a website submitting the website to local search engines, online directories, submitting the site to commercial search engines and social networks.


This is last approach where I am mentioning the techniques for how to measure SEO impact as per business performance. For measuring the success of SEO the three key performance indicators to be taken into consideration are rankings, traffic and conversions. Apart from them what type of business person is engaged into shall also be considered. Diligently evaluating the keywords help us track the word which are  most searched. This indicates the progress of searching ranking of our pages.

Holistic Approach

In the integrated approach you have come across links, crawls, keywords, and content but to get more successful SEO you should adopt more innovative methods and techniques. In this approach we will focus more on other areas where you can boost your rankings in SEO market, things which need to be taken into consideration are:-

  • Page speed

  • Crawling

  • Localization

  • Webspam

  • Press & PR

  • Structured data

  • Mobile

  • Knowledge Graph

  • Content

  • UX/ design

  • Social

  • Usage data

  • Internationalization and

  • Email.

Below are the major points that need consideration.

Page Speed

Page speed matters a lot to both search engine and users. In terms of search engine, Google indicates pagespeed  as one of the signals used by its search algorithm to rank pages and in case of users it provides good user experience.


Within my post, I have mentioned that crawling is an important function of SEO. Its functionality is mentioned in this approach, crawlers or spiders visit the particular site to get the information related to the keywords which are searched by the user.


With reference to localization, every user types the keywords in their native language. To connect with the users of the different region one needs to understand what key search terms are used  by the local users.


Webspam or search spam is defined as the manipulation of the web page to provide artificial rankings in search engines. There are many guidelines which are defined by different search engines related to SEO spam.

Press Release

From the early century, it has been seen that press has a significant impact on the people from around the world. Similarly, it is an important strategy in SEO on the internet. One of the greatest advantages of online PR is it increases online visibility and helps in promotion.

Structured Data

Structure data is an extra information which is provided to the user when a user seeks for the information. It is added directly to page HTML markup. With the help of proper structure data, crawlers can easily determine about the details of the particular website.


With the evolution of mobile, people are switching their work from desktops to smartphones. The following should be taken into consideration for mobile optimization in SEO i.e. pagespeed,  CSS, javascript, images should not be blocked. Eventually, the site should load fast and smooth on mobiles and tablets.


It doesn’t matter whether it’s an integrated approach or holistic content will always be an important element of an SEO which cannot be overlooked.

Ux / Design

Great user experience attracts more visitors to the website. It has been seen that today’s SEO is not just about optimized content it also about user experience this is the reason why designing team works hard to achieve the target users and customers.


In recent years, social media is equivalent to press. It has become the first choice of entrepreneurs and website owners. It provides higher conversion rates almost as good as search engines.


Email marketing helps to drive the best SEO results. Usually email marketing initiative is taken by marketers of an organisation for various campaigns.

In holistic approach target is not just to understand from the perspective of an individual user but  also to understand the market share. Both marketing team and SEO  team should collaborate to have a perception about overall behaviour of the users.

SEO is not only a necessity but also an important element in every field from posting a blog, branding of the website, or business. It can be rightly said that SEO is the heart of today’s businesses. We can rightly say that SEO is the soul and internet is the body.