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17th Aug, 2020
4 min read

Drupal: The ideal solution for your e-Commerce Website

Drupal: The ideal solution for your e-Commerce Website - Banner

In the last few decades, the online merchandising sector has made strides at an unprecedented pace following that, the demand and emergence of many e-commerce platforms are on the rise. 

Be it a high-end clothing line or a local coffee shop, having an online presence has become a new necessity. All types of products are slowly finding a way to getting sold online as we realise that every product can have a global audience and the best way to reach it is by being digitally present. 

Today, there’s plenty of e-commerce solutions available on the web including open-source and off the shelf. However, as we have explained many times before, choices make it more confusing than liberating. And in the end, it takes a lot of time to finalize the right platform.

What is the ideal definition of “The right platform”?

The right platform is one that is going to make your website attractive, easy, elegant, offers a lot of functionalities, and guarantees impressive results. The right platform helps big brands overcome their challenges when eyeing on expansions. The most important aspect of being the platform of your choice is that it should be secure, scalable, and robust.  A platform that ensures seamless experience, easy maintenance, and control of SEO, reduced development time, CRO, and website analytics tool to both users and customers.

Drupal has everything mentioned above and more. It is one of the most comprehensive CMS’s and widely claimed ideal fit for e-commerce businesses by many. Several big names in the industry have their websites built on Drupal commerce and they are setting the benchmark. For instance, Lush  (a leading British skincare and cosmetics line), Times (a famous American watchmaker), Puma ( a sports brand which needs no recognition), etc. These elite brands with websites that have clean designs, seamless navigation, side panels to filters objects as per need, various payment options, improved loading speed, responsive theming, mobile toolbar, sites integrated with google analytics tools, live chatting feature and a lot more making it easier for us to consider Drupal commerce the best among the rest!

Why do such big brands opt for Drupal commerce for their online business?

Here are some stellar features of Drupal that makes it the ideal choice for big brands and for many.

  1. Drupal is an excellent content management and online selling platform. Drupal Commerce is blended into Drupal at the most profound level and takes benefit of all the potential that Drupal offers. This guarantees that both users and customers have a seamless experience when using your e-commerce website.
  2. Less Development time (compared to a two-platform system) since there is no requirement to develop and run a custom integration connecting two separate systems.
  3. Open-ended administration and maintenance of Drupal Commerce sites are way easier since there is only one set of tools for an organization to learn (not to state that Drupal’s management tools are compliant and highly configurable for any administrative task one thinks of).
  4. SEO, CRO (conversion rate optimization), and website analytics are much simpler to run because you only have to operate with one system, not two. Optimizing the buyer journey is much more straightforward because it’s all one journey, not two journeys with a bridge.
  5. Drupal Commerce’s order management tools are component of the same management toolset located in the CMS, so one can observe, maintain and update orders on the website, and send update notifications through the website (so that the order related messages are all saved in one place, which allows us to perform an audit trail easily.
  6. Reporting and analytics mechanisms that enable one to inspect how many visitors the website is accepting, the rate at which those visitors transform into purchasing customers, and statistics narrating the purchasing value and frequency.
  7. Drupal provides the granular user and access management that can be used to check access to functionality within CMS and as well as the online store, checking and controlling the features accessible to your buyers.
  8. Drupal extends a spectrum of robust community features that empower one to engage more strongly with their customers, which can further stimulate repeat sales and greater lifetime consumer value.
  9. Drupal can integrate with external systems through a RESTful API, indicating that one can complement or continue the functionality gifted to Drupal and Drupal Commerce with third-party systems. Also, Drupal’s Feeds module permits to bring in content from outer systems.
  10. Drupal Commerce is free. The case with Magento and WordPress communities is that they have the idea of “premium” plugins or modules that one generally has to pay for. But that is not the case with Drupal and the Drupal community. That doesn’t imply that Drupal modules aren’t completely backed — quite the contrary. The Drupal community is one of the best when it comes to participation.
  11. Drupal Commerce supports a broad array of online payment methods and merchants such as PayPal, Stripe, Realex Payments, WorldPay, and SagePay. This allows customers to pick a payment method of their preference while buying products online.
  12. Drupal Commerce lets the seller define their own shipping terms and policies. This provides flexibility in determining the products the business merchant wants to implement the shipping charges to as well as the type of shipping price they want to implement.
  13. As Drupal Commerce is an entirely PCI obedient software, it assures that your company, consumer, or credit or debit card details are highly guarded. Even the client servers are not provided access to any of the customer or business data. This prevents hackers to win passage to, manipulate, or cause any wrong to your data.


With all the above-mentioned salient qualities and benefits, Drupal Commerce offers the 360-degree solution to anyone who wants to set up an eCommerce website/application. In a nutshell, Drupal will add the magic to your e-commerce website that you’re or have been searching for. With Drupal, you can sell more and discover new revenue streams.

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