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8th Nov, 2023
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Drupal Version 11, What Future Holds

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Let's talk about the future; is your website prepared for 2024? Excite your business idea with the updated websites!

Drupal is a free, open-source, flexible, and secure content-management framework for website development. It handles large and complex websites very well. Today, Drupal Core 10.1.6 is the latest version. Developers take advantage of Drupal's extensive API, object-oriented PHP framework, Symfony components, and Composer-based workflow for site building, content, and design layout and creating customized views of website data.

So! What's next?

Drupal version 11 is expected to bring great innovations to the CMS (content management system) to make it even more powerful and capable. We will walk you through some Drupal features that are available now and what's coming up next in Drupal 11!

Quick Recap on Some of the Best Features of Drupal 10

Developers have built many exciting features of Drupal that have made it our favorite. In Drupal 10, we have the following:

  • CKEditor 5 has improved the editing experience. It has made copy editing and collaboration a lot easier.
  • Media is available out of the box, so more people are enjoying an easier way to work with the assets.
  • Layout Builder provides a flexible landing page to help you mix and match the components, media, and copy to help you support your storytelling on a page. It also helps to customize the page to help funnel users to whatever call to action you have, which leads to a better conversion rate.
  • Olivero is the default front-end theme, and Claro is the default administration theme that gives your website a more modernized look.
  • Accessibility improvements.

Each feature contributes something that any business will look for in an efficient website. If you, too, want to revamp your website or build one for your startup, we are here to help. Innoraft- a web development company, offers you technical assistance and guidance to leverage the latest technologies for your website. We believe in modern websites to attract customers better. Also, you enjoy 24*7 technical support from us.

Drupal Version 11- What Is Beyond

The outlined strategy for Drupal 11 "Composable Core aims to redefine the landscape of the CMS platform, explicitly targeting ambitious site builders. The aim is to enhance site builder tools, streamline the content editing process, and simplify upgrades and maintenance.

Let's learn the details:

There are a set of ambitious tools that will work to enhance your site, as below:

Site Builder Tools

  • Project Browser: The initiative aims to simplify the discovery and installation of modules. It will work to offer high-quality module recommendations with one-click- installation, shortening the learning curve.
  • Starter Templates: The new templates aim to ease the entry barrier for new Drupal users. It reduces initial setup time and will be comparatively easier to maintain.
  • Better Administrative Interface: There will be improvements in Field UI and administrative navigation. It will improve the user experience and make it easier for the user to manage content.

Content Editor Tools

  • Better Layout Builder and Modern Page Tools: Drupal 11 commits to enhance the Layout Builder. The aim is to make page creation and editing easy. It will incorporate modern page-building tools while maintaining Drupal's structured content strength.

Improved Upgrade and Maintenance Mechanisms

  • Automated updates: There will be automated updates; security patches, updates for Core, and contributed modules will be automatically applied to reduce technical complexity for the user.
  • GitLab Initiative: Robust development tools will be integrated through the GitLab Initiative for community involvement and technological innovation.
  • The Great Module Migration: Drupal 11 targets Great Module Migration, which works for a 20% core size reduction. It will help to allocate more resources for targeted innovations.

You must have learned that switching to Drupal is a win-win situation for you. Let's jump into the Drupal migration tips and tricks section of the blog.

Tips & Tricks From Innoraft

The Drupal CMS community analyzes the release of Drupal 11 in 2024, emphasizing that our websites are prepared for this update. While version 11 brings significant improvements to the content management system, we must plan for the compatibility of our websites with Drupal 11 to avoid interruptions during the update process.

The challenge with phpstan-drupal and drupal-rector is their obsolescence in the face of changes in the Drupal core and the fact that they require specialized code to remedy changes. You can address the issue by reviewing the change logs more consistently. We suggest you have an approval process before publishing a changelog.

You can check the GitHub repository to transfer Drupal CMS core changelogs to reported issues. You can access the repository here. Other tidbits include:

  • Check dependencies that your Drupal project relies on, for example, core modules, contributed modules, themes, and external libraries.
  • You should continuously check the Drupal community and module/theme repositories for updates on Drupal.org and GitHub.
  • Update Drupal core and module to the latest versions. It helps you with security also.
  • Test your website after updating. If some APIs and functions are removed, update your custom code.

Keytip:  Before you make any updates, you should always make a backup of your website and its database so that if anything goes wrong, you can roll back to the previous version.


When we talk about building up Drupal, we are talking about building up a website, and it's continuously improving. All you need to do is do a comprehensive website audit, engage with Drupal experts, and stay updated with Drupal's version to enjoy seamless migration and bring in ultimate business revenue.