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20th Feb, 2019
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Happy Workplace? Here's how to build a solid culture!

Happy Workplace? Here's how to build a solid culture! - Banner

There are always two kinds of people. One, who drag themselves to work every day and count down the days until the weekend. Second, people who wake up to a bright new day and enjoy every day at work (everyone still waits for the weekend).

What differentiates the two? A happy workplace!

Given the right conditions to thrive in, even a mere seed can bloom into a beautiful flower. Healthy work culture is no different. For every employee, their work environment is a significant contributing factor to their productivity, happiness, and well-being.

Most of us spend the majority of our day at our workplace and always hope for a ‘healthy work environment’ but what is it that makes an atmosphere ideal to work in?

How do you define or characterize a workplace culture as great? Let’s find out!


Transparent Communication

transparent communication

To begin with, open and transparent communication is the quickest path to a problem-free atmosphere. At Innoraft, for instance, there are no barriers to communication and the organization has a flat approach where everyone’s input is highly valued.

Essentially, every employee should feel as though their word is valued and acknowledged at all points of time, and never neglected. Also, if top-down communication is transparent, the scope for misunderstandings become minimal. The management should constantly communicate the company’s vision, philosophies, and ideas, and should take the employees’ feedback and opinions in return.

Break the Monotony

Break Monotony

In the rut of everyday checklists, we often forget to take a step back and breathe. Without a break from the everyday hustle, things tend to become repetitive and lose their freshness. In such a monotonous cycle, employees are bound to run out of fresh ideas or maximize their productivity. Make sure you take a breather from work every now and then and focus on the softer aspects of your workplace like team building.  

For instance, Innoraft ensures regular activities and outings that bring the workforce together. We punctuate our work days with outdoor sports, outings and spontaneous fun activities to keep everyone upbeat. Also, we never miss a birthday celebration! Every occasion deserves a celebration!

The culture of team spirit


It is imperative for every employee to feel as though they are never alone in something that they have to achieve. For a workplace to be rooted in positivity, everyone must have everyone’s back. Although it’s efficient to have an end responsible, it is always more productive to give accountability of a task to more than one person. Sometimes all you need to get cracking on something is a different perspective, and that perspective should always come from your co-workers when needed. All in all, collaboration is key!


Freedom and Autonomy

freedom and autonomy

To be able to create something outside the box, you have to erase the box altogether. If the employees have to struggle to be able to step outside the box that the management has created, they might lose all motivation to do so. It is important for the employees to have space where they are able to experiment without being terrified of failure. Essentially, the highest quality of work stems from freedom. It’s marvelous what people can achieve, should you show a little faith in them! At Innoraft, there is flexibility in everyone’s style of work and the comfort to personalize your workspace (We’ve seen real creativity here!).


At the end of the day, a comfortable and nurturing work environment means beautiful relationships, productive work, and a happy workforce!