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2nd Dec, 2021
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Importance of Mobile App Maintenance for an App’s Success

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When you expect the mobile app to improve retention, you must ensure adequate maintenance services to improve performance. In addition, you must introduce features regularly to stay ahead of your competition and make the customer actively use your app. This article will discuss the importance of mobile app maintenance.

Businesses are always searching for new avenues to improve their audience outreach. One of the ways to ensure this is by designing a mobile app that will help enhance loyalty. The mobile app can also be another means to retain customers by providing them with an improved experience and mindshare. Studies show that an improvement in retention by around 10% can lead to an increase in business value by 30%. (Source: Clevertap)

The Importance of Mobile App Maintenance Services

It isn't enough to create a fantastic app and continue with it for long. While mobile apps are necessary to retain customers, you must not neglect maintenance activities. Your team must be in control of the mobile app and ensure it performs to its fullest potential.

Protecting from Cyberattacks

Hackers are always looking for weaknesses in their applications. There has been a gradual increase in the number of successful cyberattacks. The apps can get outdated over time, though supported by encryption technologies. 

You must incorporate adequate security measures in your app. Also, have a specialised team to assess the mobile for any vulnerabilities and plug them. The team must also stay updated with the latest security protocols and implement them in the app.

Fix Bugs

Developers may recognise a few bugs or performance issues when the app goes live. They are most likely to occur when there is a hurry to launch the app. The defects can creep in at any mobile app development phase. There could also be bugs due to changes in the associated framework, platform, or a version upgrade.

Regular maintenance of the mobile app can help review the mobile app's code and check whether there are any defects. Then, the functionality issues can be studied and fixed quickly to allow smoother running of the app. However, if you don't rectify the bugs on time, it may lead to customer churn.

Version Upgrades

You cannot release a mobile app and expect customers to use it for long. The importance of mobile app maintenance lies in-app users like to see new features over time. So, developers must formalise a roadmap covering the features they will include in the app at regular intervals.

When you include new features, you must also address the aspects of scalability, efficiency, and performance together. The users also feel that the brand still exists, and an experienced team is handling the app.

Ensures Better Reviews

One of the ways to ensure better uptake of the app is by ascertaining better reviews on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Isn't it better if the thoughts are optimistic about the app, its performance, and the feature upgrades!

More positive reviews lead to a better rating on the app store, leading to more app downloads. The importance of app maintenance is because it helps the users appreciate the effort taken by the brand to ensure they have an enhanced experience while using the app.

Revamp the UI/ UX Design

The users may get bored if they see the design of the mobile app hasn't changed and may lead to significant customer churn. You must be aware that UI/ UX plays an essential role in ensuring a better user engagement level. Moreover, you must revamp the workflow and design of the app to break the clutter.

An improved UI/ UX can lead to a better user experience level and leave better reviews about the app. In addition, it can lead to better word-of-mouth propagation and enable more people to download the app. Therefore, it becomes essential that you modify the workflows or the user interface to provide a better experience for app users.

Upgrades in the Operating System

All operating systems upgrade themselves with newer features and plug any security loopholes in the previous versions. Similarly, Android and iOS also undergo periodic version upgrades. So again, it helps to provide an improved experience to the audience.

There could be performance issues if you are not upgrading your app to the latest version of the operating system. The app's performance may drop drastically, and in extreme cases, the new operating system version may not support the earlier version of the app.

Prevent Blocklisting on the App Store

There are some guidelines that businesses must follow when they publish the apps on the app store. In addition, the rules and regulations change with time, requiring developers to remain vigilant about these changes. 

The importance of mobile app maintenance lies in the fact that there would be a dedicated team to check any changes in the app store guidelines. In addition, upgrading the app will keep it compatible with the updates on the app store.

Reduce Unnecessary Downtimes

Recent news shows that renowned brands have faced severe revenue loss due to the downtime of the app. If the app faces more considerable downtime, the revenue loss is bound to increase. However, we have seen that performance issues are addressed with regular app maintenance activities.

Having a dedicated team to handle app maintenance activities can help you match the desired performance levels and achieve business growth. It can also prevent unnecessary customer churn and lead to better reviews on the app store.

Better User Adoption

Your customers are tech-savvy and prefer to use apps that use the latest technologies. Therefore, the maintenance of mobile apps can ensure happier users. The app stores will also appreciate it if upgraded regularly and lift it to a better ranking.

Customers can quickly check when the app was last updated. In addition, businesses can introduce new technologies gradually to app users. If they find it is not regularly maintained and updated, they can abandon the app.

What is the Mobile App Maintenance Cost in India?

Now comes the critical part. You must be wondering how much it would cost to maintain your mobile app! While there is a thumb rule stating that maintenance costs would be 20% of the application cost, it is better to have a detailed breakdown of costs. So we will now look into a few cost heads.

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The server cost is a critical expense for your mobile app. The server resources can be planned based on the type and volume of storage for the app. For an extensive data app, you will need more memory, CPU, and disk space. It could cost you anywhere between US$ 70 and 320 per month depending on projected growth, number of users and concurrent users, etc.

Bug Fixing and Updates

The mobile app must undergo regular updates to stay ahead of the competition and prevent customer churn. It isn't easy to calculate the cost of updating features on the app, as it depends on the complexity involved. However, if you are looking at an available update that could take around a fortnight, it could cost you around US$ 1000 – 2000.


If you are using third-party solutions embedded in the app, it is an additional cost element. In addition, you must discuss the details of the maintenance of all associated software with your partner.

Customer Support

The major brands have excellent customer support teams to handhold their clients. Investing in this area is critical to address customer issues. It can also help the app garner better reviews on the app store. You need to factor in the cost based on the workflows and technologies involved.


It is necessary to maintain your mobile apps to allow the users to have a better experience. It will help you to break the clutter and improve business potential. Updating the app can keep your brand ahead of the market curve and assure a greater lifespan. You must update features on the app as per the ongoing trend.

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