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10th May, 2016
4 min read

Personalized Content is a Proven Entity !!

Personalized Content is a Proven Entity !! - Banner

Irrespective of how big a business icon or brand you are, increasing the relevance of your website will always be critical to your success. For this, updating your website is necessary, but not enough to convert leads. What is relevant to a tech guy from US may not be worthy to a finance guy from Europe. Loyalty can be gained only if you offer products which are relevant to your client’s needs. And the idea is no new. This is similar to people’s usual habit of making repeat purchases from shops where the salesperson knows their name and their preferences well enough to satisfy their needs appropriately.

Moreover, most of our web audience is anonymous, so can we wait till they share their details by navigating to our ‘Contact Us’ section and patiently filling up details. It’s like losing them even before we got them. Or can we wait to track visitor's behavior on our site to serve them some pertinent content ? Oh! no way, it's just too late. Content marketing is a strategy.

Web personalization, just as an option is now a thing of past. Today web personalization is enhancing various metrics like:

  • Bounce Rate

  • Average Time Spent

  • Downloads

  • Page Views

  • Return Visits

  • Conversion Rate

  • Number of Leads

A lot others ready to stand in this list.

Of various web personalization tools available today, we picked Demandbase this time.

Demandbase, as it is known for its real-time targeting, helps to serve right content to the right person at the right time. So, I assume we all are using this or some other similar tools. If yes, Congratulations for building your success on personalization.

Did you say NO ? Really ?

Hey ! Can you afford losing sales because you served crispy baked chicken to a vegan on his arrival just because it's Christmas Eve? Ohh, that's a blunder.

Well, for what it's worth, it's never too late. I am here to share my way of knowing my customers and serving them what they are looking for. Personalized web content is an important factor that helps a website cater to what is exactly required by the user in order to engage more interest.

Personalizing a Drupal website

I landed on a web page and with zero click the site came to know my company ? my industry ? my region ? my country ? And yes, this is my first visit to the site. Something fishy going on as if someone came out of the website and noted down my details to surprise me !!!!

It was then I came to meet this incredible tool 'Demandbase' which can provide real-time identification.

How I implemented Demandbase on clientside ?

1. Got my API key by seeking help from https://www.demandbase.com.

2. Embedded demandbase js file somewhere in my html.

3. Integrated Demandbase IP address API, endpoint : http://api.demandbase.com/api/v2/ip.json?key=<your_api_key>[&query=ip_address]

Once Demandbase API is well integrated with our website, let's gear up to serve the recipe and enjoy a delicious meal.

Note: I just mentioned the minimal steps for integration, do go ahead and contact Demandbase support team for proper assistance.

How I use Demandbase to fetch visitor's information ?

In my custom js file, I feed DemandbaseClient with my Demandbase API key and it returns me the real-time details of the visitors to my site based on their IP addresses.


// Demandbase api key for fetching visitor information.
var my_key = <my demandbase key>;
var demandbase_client = new DemandbaseClient(myKey);
var ip_address = <ip to track info>;
// And here you made the final call.
db_client.ip(ip_address, function(result) {
   // 'result' contains all the information of your visitor based on their ip address.
Note: If no ip address is provided, it considers visitor's default ip address.


Till now we have been ready with our food in a plate, also we could identify our visitors but whom to serve what ? So, here goes an overview of personalization logic which we have been using:

1. Make sure every resource being added on your site is marked to target audience from specific region and industry. Also, serving a visitor with Finance related resource while he landed on a Infrastructure page just because he is from US and Finance Industry doesn't make much sense. So, not to forget having an eye on this too. Personalized content marketing is the key .

2. One-for-all time has gone, so sticking to methods like just personalizing the banners of our pages for all types of content won't help I guess. At times, text speaks louder than images. Well, it's true the other way as well. So identify what creative type (image, text, video, combination) goes with your different web pages. Personalized content management would ensure greater interest from the end user's perspective.

3. Identifying the device type of the user to serve device specific resources for better user experience is definitely an add-on.

4. "I remember the last site which served me exactly what I needed, so I visited the site again. To my disappointment, I found the same product on the page which I have already used because it's trending but of no use to me. Their hard luck :) they lost a satisfied repeated buyer." I hope you got the clue. Even on web, in case of repeat visitors relevancy doesn't alone suffice. Personalized content and seo should be one of the listed priorities while creating a website.

Still here ? Whoa! You are equipped well to enter the world of personalization. Go ahead, get personalized and enjoy enhanced conversions.