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20th Sep, 2023
3 min read

Simplify, Create, Dominate: Why Use WordPress for Your Online Presence

Simplify, Create, Dominate: Why Use WordPress for Your Online Presence - Banner

We are sure that you have heard about WordPress! But if you still aren’t sure why you should use it to build a website, this blog is for you!

WordPress is a free, open-source platform. Though WordPress started just for bloggers, now you can use it to build websites and as a content management system (CMS). It runs on a database system that enables users to add, modify, and organize files, themes, plugins, and other types of content. The platform can run online. It means that you don’t need any desktop software to use WordPress.

Continue reading to check out the features of WordPress, why you should use it, and if this platform will best suit the needs of your business!

Reasons To Use WordPress - Why you should use WordPress

WordPress offers users the platform they need to promote their businesses online. It allows you to customize your website to fit your business needs. You can create simple websites, blogs, portfolios, e-commerce stores, and corporate websites.

Here is a quick brief on the list of the top 5 benefits of using WordPress to build your website:

WordPress Offers Complete Content Management

CMS is a tool that lets you add, update, and delete the content of web pages whenever you desire. Instead of coding to design the website, you can customize the design and functionality of your site by downloading or purchasing templates and extensions. 

WordPress offers a quick website development solution, especially for those with limited technical knowledge and resources. CMS handles the website's infrastructure while you create exciting and delightful content to focus on more conversions and leads. 

Well Established And Secure

Don’t believe the fallacies that say WordPress is easy for hackers to target. Instead, WordPress is open source, and anytime a vulnerability is found in the software, the entire community works to fix it.

Fortunately, WordPress has impressive security features and plugins to protect your website from cyberattacks like password guessing, DDoS attacks, SQL injections, etc. Here is a list of a few of the options in WordPress for security:

  • There are automatic WordPress version updates
  • Users get theme and plugin notification updates
  • User roles allow you to control access to many features within your site
  • WordPress encourages complex password generation

We also suggest you maintain the development code, avoid outdated plugins, and keep server security in mind.

Plugin for Integration

One of the best features of WordPress that makes it a convenient choice to build a website is the plugin library, with around 35,000 plugins available. Plugins enhance the capabilities of your website. For example, 

  • Users can enjoy improved SEO
  • You can remove spam comments
  • It helps gather analytics
  • You can cross-sell products 
  • It increases site speed
  • It is easy to backup your website
  • You can make comments on posts 

Users can also integrate WordPress with any of the popular third-party platforms. For example, you can integrate it with HubSpot, Salesforce, MailChimp, etc.

Support Different Types Of Media

WordPress supports different types of media- documents, images, audio files, videos, and more. To find out the complete list, check out WordPress-supported File Types

WordPress allows you to enjoy a rich web media experience by offering a solution for any media type you want to use on your website. There is usually a plugin for file types that are generally not accepted. For example, WP Add Mime Types, and WP Extra File Types support additional file types. It also works well with embedded audio for Podcasts and videos from sites like YouTube or Vimeo.

Easy To Use

WordPress is easy to use and learn, making it one of the best reasons to use WordPress for your business’s online presence. It is a free website builder, and you can easily install it on almost all hosting providers. With just a brief training, you are all good!

  • You can go into the back end of your WordPress website. 
  • You can easily add blog posts, pictures, pages, and content to your website. 
  • It is easy to fix, resize the content images, change font alignment, and edit fonts. 


WordPress is an easy yet efficient choice for building websites. It is powerful, flexible, and easy to maintain. Its interface doesn’t require any knowledge of programming. You can create an impressive website by clicking, dragging, dropping, selecting, or deselecting, with all the bells and whistles you see online. With some help from the premium WordPress theme, you can create any website imaginable.