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7 Sep, 2023
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Voice Search Optimization: How to Rank Higher In Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization: How to Rank Higher In Search Optimization - Banner

If voice search optimization is still not a part of your online SEO strategy, You should FIX IT NOW!

From smartphones to smart TVs, conducting web searches with voice is the new normal for everyone. It is easier and more convenient to speak than to type a query. If you have an online business, you must think of voice search optimization so you don't miss out on the Google rankings when your prospect voice searches for your products/ services.

This blog will guide you through the seven steps to improving your website's visibility in voice search results. Continue reading to find out about voice search optimization tips and tricks.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search SEO is the process of streamlining your web pages for voice searches so that you can get your page read whenever the user asks for information related to your page verbally.

A typical voice search isn't similar to a text search, but a user talks to devices closer to how he speaks in his daily life. We recommend using SEO strategies that adapt well to capture such groups of searchers. You can also leave all the hustle and bustle of the task to IT experts who can do the job for you.

7 Steps To Improve Your Brand Visibility In Voice Searches

While you may think of using general SEO techniques to rank higher in voice search, voice search SEO needs optimization techniques. Here are the top 7 steps through which you can improve Google Voice search optimization:

  1. Question Keywords
    You must target question keywords along with other long-tail keywords. Voice searches tend to be different from text searches. For example, In a voice search, a user may query about a spa by saying, "What are some good spas near me?". It is different from a text query. In a text query, the user language is short, like "spa near me."

    It is easier to ask than to type a query. Hence, Voice search queries are longer. You can capture traffic with long-tail keywords. You should use at least 2-3 words in a keyword for it to work for you.
  2. Conversational Language
    You must give a conversational tone to your content. Voice search has an informal accent that is well satisfied by the content. You should use conversational words in your content, for example, "I," "me," "you," and "we". Also, you should refrain from jargon and overly technical language.|
  3. Prioritize Near-me SEO
    Many people search for products/services by looking for something nearby, like a restaurant or store. You should create and maintain a Google Business Profile that appears when a user queries for a near-me service, for example, "Chinese restaurant near me."
  4. Google Featured Snippets
    Google featured snippets are short texts that rank highly for the query if captured. It is a highlighted excerpt from your content that answers the user's query favorably. It works as a quick answer to user queries.

    When relevant to voice search, a Google assistant reads that featured snippet as its answer to the user. It catches the user's attention, and your website stands out from its competitors.
  5. Optimize Website for Mobile Search
    Mobile generates over half of the internet's traffic and significantly targets your business audience. Google also gives enormous importance to mobile user friendliness for rankings. About 27% of mobile users use voice search on mobile, making Google voice search optimization important for you. Therefore, optimizing your website for mobile search and making it user-friendly becomes important.
  6. Website Optimization
    Improve the speed of the website. You should fix website bugs, improve page SEO, and improve UX design. Website optimization includes increased traffic, longer user sessions, and boosting revenue for your business.
  7. Optimize Content For Visitors
    Break up long content into chunks, and include bullet points and images in the web content. You should also have a FAQ section to briefly describe the answer to the user's question. Relevant solutions help your website rank in voice searches.


Voice search presents an excellent opportunity for every business to capture organic search traffic. By working into voice search SEO, you can access a new cohort of users who rely on speakers to purchase products/ services. Don't miss out on Google Voice search optimization. Connect to Innoraft now for help.