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22nd Dec, 2021
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Why Choose PHP for Web Application Development

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PHP has been a popular language to script various websites that have helped companies enhance their conversions. The framework allows developers to improve their workflow and streamline the processes that form the backbone of web development. It is secure and stable and has also evolved a lot since its introduction. Furthermore, the framework has reusable code and functionalities that make running web applications more accessible. This article will discuss why you can choose PHP for web application development.

As the audience spends most of their time online, businesses are also enhancing their digital presence. Companies are tweaking their business strategies and laying more focus on their website. The website has become the primary mode of gathering highly qualified leads for the business. However, it is also necessary to include the next-generation features that can help to enhance the website outlook.

12 Reasons to Choose PHP for Web Application Development


When you are choosing a framework for web application development, always ensure that it is budget-friendly. It is open-source that allows you to optimize the resources allocated to your project. As a result, you need not spend on any licensing fees and can use them anywhere. 

It also has an active community of thousands of followers who can advise you when needed. The framework is in sync with the latest technological advancements and is a popular option for website development. As it is open-source, you also have adequate control over the code.

Dynamic and Flexible

Security is a critical requirement for web development. The PHP framework is known for being highly secure as it uses the latest encryption methodologies. As a result, the framework does not need manual intervention, and the applications and websites refresh automatically.

PHP for web application development is flexible enough and allows customisation according to the project's requirements. You can use PHP with other libraries for various special effects. Developers can use any editor for writing the code, and it is hassle-free too. It allows the admins to use the existing infrastructure with minimal additional resources.

Connected with Several Databases

One of the basic requirements of any web application framework is its need to be compatible with various databases. It can readily integrate with all databases and allows the exchange of information. Developers can choose the ideal database based on the project complexity.

It can support several databases like MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc. Hence, you can use PHP to customize several websites. Furthermore, it is also compatible with different platforms like Unix, Windows, and Linux. Therefore, you can choose PHP as the framework for cross-platform development.

Highly Scalable

PHP allows building projects with several iterations. Using PHP, the developers can launch the various modules when needed and make suitable changes while developing the application or website. Thus, developers can support several scalable projects and use varied settings for multiple pages.

The framework works well with several CMSs, including Drupal, WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento, etc. Working with different CMS is possible if you use a PHP-based framework. Finding resources is also accessible and developing customized websites is possible with a PHP-based CMS.

Has Adequate Resources

One of the significant benefits of PHP web application development services is the presence of several resources that help developers include the functions needed for the project. There is no need for rewriting the command function or the code. Instead, the framework allows developers to modify the script when needed.

The PHP framework provides tools that developers can readily use. It is easy to learn and is relatively simple for starters. It is easy to create web applications using PHP, and you can create web pages within a short time. It has simple syntax and command functions and has several skilled resources with experience in PHP.

High Performance

The websites built on the PHP framework take less time to execute. It is because the PHP code uses its memory that makes it run faster. As a result, the websites that run on PHP have the faster data processing functionality necessary for the website's proper functioning.

The PHP scripts can run faster than several other frameworks, like JSP, PERL, etc. The PHP framework also has accelerators that can help to improve response time. Another significant benefit is frequent updates that fix any bugs that may be present in the earlier version. PHP development does not work on strict standards and readily integrates with several web apps.

Has a Strong Community

Immensely few software frameworks enjoy the strong community that PHP has. It has a large and loyal community base that has advocated the use of PHP for quite some time. Most developers choose application development frameworks that have a solid community to back them. They can readily take the help of the forums when they get stuck in the development phase.

Developers readily request responses when they have queries and look for quick answers. The developer community contributes to the needed resources for web application development. It becomes a never-ending guide for those who wish to know more about the framework.

Few Top PHP Frameworks for Website Development

Several PHP frameworks can help in web application development efficiently. They are scalable and help to build complex websites too. We will now discuss some of the PHP frameworks that you can use.


symfony framework

Several reusable components and libraries will allow the developers to finish several necessary tasks. It is the ideal choice among the PHP frameworks and helps in templating, authentication, object configuration, etc. It has had the trust of developers since 2005 and has massive support from developers.


laravel framework

The release of Laravel was in 2011. It is among the best PHP frameworks and has overloading capabilities with robust encryption packages. It has additional performance abilities and security features to manage complex web application projects.  It is open source and has vital encryption facilities too. 


codeigniter framework

It is the PHP framework for choice and is an intuitive toolkit for many web applications. While it is of small size, the intuitive interface and libraries help developers during the development phase. In addition, there are many pre-built modules with better performance and fast speed. The framework is also known for its simple error management, security, encryption methodology, and smooth working on any platform.

Laminas Project

laminas project

It is the continuation of one of the most common PHP frameworks – the Zend PHP framework. The Laminas Project is an enterprise-ready framework with several components required by developers. It is an MVC-based and object-oriented framework that will allow the developers to load only the elements they need as the individual libraries. However, it is complex and unsuitable for beginners.


PHP is among the most common frameworks for developing websites and web applications. The growth of PHP for web application development has been excellent over the years. It is scalable and compatible with most platforms. It is also easy to use, and the learning curve isn't very high. In addition, the framework is known for its modern libraries and is resource friendly.

Your website is your mouthpiece for your audience. Therefore, the website must be feature-rich and help your business stand apart from its competition. However, you must be careful when you hire a dedicated PHP developer. Always ensure you are choosing the best. You can be in touch with our experts who would be eager to help you.