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16 Nov, 2021
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Why should you Optimize your Website for Mobile Search?

Why should you Optimize your Website for Mobile Search? - Banner

The penetration of smartphones and mobile internet has led to a change in consumer behaviour. More users are interacting with businesses using their handheld devices. Latest studies show that around 52.94% (Source: Search Engine Journal) of all searches are carried out using mobile phones. Hence, it becomes necessary that you optimize your website for mobile devices.

Search engines like Google also plan to split the mobile and desktop into separate indices with more stress on mobile searches and responsiveness. Mobile searches play a significant role in the taking decision that requires you to optimise website for mobile and enhance conversions. This article discusses in detail why you must optimize the website for mobile search.

What is an Effective Mobile Optimized Website?

We have learnt that you can expect more than half of the website visitors would be from handheld devices. Users should discover the website through an organic search over mobile devices. You must also adjust content on the website to allow mobile users to have a customized experience through different devices. Optimized content will flow seamlessly across mobile as well as desktops.

It would be best if you also kept in mind that mobile-optimized websites ensure more robust user engagement. Search engines like Google are on a mission to provide users with a better surfing experience. They are using mobile responsiveness as a critical parameter while ranking websites for keyword search. Businesses must also keep this in mind when they are trying to have a mobile optimized website.

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Benefits of Optimizing Website for Mobile Search

Enhancing user experience

Since most website visitors will be from mobile devices, do you think shrinking content to fit mobile screens is enough? Ideally, the users must have a seamless experience when using mobile devices. It becomes difficult for them to adjust the screen size by zooming and pinching their screens.

The content on the website must be such that the visitors can easily find the information they are searching for. It must also be easy for them to click on the CTA buttons easily. Therefore, have a simple design and comprehensive navigation capabilities.

Optimizing for Voice Search

As the user dynamics change towards mobile devices, it becomes necessary to consider how they search for information. It is easier for these users to use search capabilities to access the information they will need. There are several devices too that allow voice search that is convenient for such users.

When you try to cater to these users, you must optimise the content and use the right keywords for voice search. It can help you with additional traffic that you can readily convert towards more sales. Good voice search optimization can help uplift the brand and assure extra dwell time on the site.

Have More Conversions

You must keep in mind that 74% of users prefer to return to a mobile-friendly website. (Source: WebFX) A positive search experience on your website can help in ensuring more conversions through the website. Web admins can make use of mobile optimizations and engage with users better.

It is apt for e-commerce websites to quickly embark on the buyer's journey and culminate in a sale. The website can have user-specific directions that can readily enhance the chances of conversions. Moreover, developers can readily integrate Google Maps and other personalization features on the mobile website.

Address Visual Search Requirements

Traditional search parameters are getting replaced by newer ones. As a result, businesses are increasingly looking for visual supremacy. For example, visual search increases usage, with studies showing that visual search can increase revenues by around 30% (Source: Tech Funnel).

You must also optimize your website for visual search as mobile users are increasingly using it. It can improve user experience and boost website traffic. When done correctly, it can readily lead to more conversions and revenue. It is more relevant for e-commerce websites and other search channels.

Assures Optimal Loading Speeds

Are you aware that you must compress the images before being shown to the users? Therefore, it would take additional time and requires the website to have optimal loading speed.

loading speed impact on user experience

Loading the web pages within the optimal time will prevent users from moving away from the website. Moreover, search engines use the page loading speed as an essential ranking parameter too.

Different Ways to Optimize your Website for Mobile Search

If you optimize your website for mobile, you must also consider several aspects other than having a responsive website. We will discuss them in further detail.

Focus on Improving User Experience

Websites must focus on enhancing the user experience when they are trying to have a mobile optimized website. Having a responsive design that allows seamless viewing across all terminals and devices is a part of it. In addition, scrolling through the website must be hassle-free, and a thumb-friendly design can make the website more interactive.

The CTA buttons must be optimized for mobile devices and must be easy to find and stand out. They must be big enough for users and easy to click. The screen sizes will also be different, and using small fonts will make it uncomfortable for these users. Moreover, adjust the font and ensure they are legible on all devices.

Optimize the Title Tags and Descriptions

You will face a space crunch while catering to mobile users, but you must ensure that the users can access the website readily. It is possible if you readily optimize the title tag and meta description that makes it easy for them to decide whether to visit your website.

title tags for mobile seometa description for mobile seo

The title tags act as the page preview, and it helps if you optimise it for mobile users. It would be best to use the relevant keywords that allow the users to understand the relevance of visiting your website. The meta description provides additional information to help ascertain the need to visit the site.

Creating Mobile Optimized Content

Mobile-friendly content can induce visitors to stay more on the website. Use standard fonts that users can view readily on all device screens. Also, have large touchable areas and icons that can help visitors more. Avoid flashy components as rendering them can be difficult on several devices. Also, use structured data that can help users find answers to their queries quickly.

Keep the paragraphs short as it could be difficult for mobile users to read longer ones. The content must be enriching and add value to the user. Incorporating social sharing buttons are also encouraged for better user interaction. Also, add relevant images but ensure they are optimized too.

Use Accelerated Mobile Pages

When you are optimizing the website for mobile devices, you must take advantage of Accelerated Mobile Pages. It will help them to create mobile-friendly web pages and removes advanced layouts and unnecessary media files. Also, keep in mind that you must redesign the pop-ups or get penalized by Google. You can use the plugins available that can automatically generate these mobile-optimized pages.

amp pages


There has been a steady growth in mobile search, and it requires businesses to address this aspect. In addition, as more users use mobiles for their online activities, mobile-specific searches are increasing. Hence, the search patterns are changing, and you must optimise the website to address this traffic.

Optimized websites can respond to mobile queries, and it will help you have a sustainable online presence. You can be in touch with a reputed mobile web development company to help you to address this aspect of your marketing activities. 

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