20 Sep 2023

Simplify, Create, Dominate: Why Use WordPress for Your Online Presence

We are sure that you have heard about WordPress! But if you still aren’t sure why you should use it to build a website, this blog is for you!

15 Sep 2023

PHP Website Security Issues and Ways to Secure it from Hackers

PHP is the world's most popular website programming language; hence, it is frequently probed as an attack surface by malicious parties.

14 Sep 2023

Make React App Responsive using React Responsive

React has been a game changer in how developers approach front-end applications for the web!

12 Sep 2023

Introducing Bootstrap Version 5.3.1: What's New and Improved

Pick Bootstrap if you want a framework to build a fast and responsive site!

07 Sep 2023

Voice Search Optimization: How to Rank Higher In Search Optimization

If voice search optimization is still not a part of your online SEO strategy, You should FIX IT NOW!

06 Sep 2023

Revolutionizing HR: The Crucial Role of Outsourcing Recruitment Process

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) means a company/ business transferring all or part of its recruitment process to an external agency.