05 Jan 2021

Implementing Reading Minutes Left

The following is a step by step instruction for implementing reading minutes left for a particular article, blog, or similar, just like we see on medium.com.
05 Jan 2021

Implementing Magnific Popup

You might want to add the functionality for a magnific popup where there are multiple items, say images, videos which on clicking would open up in a popup and you would be able to scroll through those. Something like this: https://dimsemenov.com/plugins/magnific-popup/. Worry not! You do not need to go through the entire documentation in the above link. I have done the hard work for you so that you can get it done in the wink of an eye!
30 Dec 2020

Manage multiple GitHub accounts like a pro!

Oftentimes it may happen that you have a Github account where you upload all your code for practice sessions or learning purposes.

30 Dec 2020

Git Hooks ~ “Git” -ing code the better way.

With teams growing in size, it’s more important than ever to define a paradigm of deploying code to achieve a synonymous rule about the code and to keep contribu

30 Dec 2020

Drupal behaviours. What are they?

In this blog we take a look into Drupal Behaviors and what they are.
17 Aug 2020

Drupal: The ideal solution for your e-Commerce Website

In an era, where online shopping has become the norm. Are you too craving for a generic e-commerce website up and running in no time? An e-commerce website built on Drupal that helps you sell more and discover new revenue streams.