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19th Nov, 2019
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6 Significant Reasons to Invest in UX Design

6 Significant Reasons to Invest in UX Design - Banner

In the digital world, we live in today building a digital presence has become important for organizations of all kinds. Modern companies rely on attractive interfaces, well-crafted content, appealing marketing strategies to promote their websites and mobile apps. However, most companies forget that having an attractive animation, unique content, and catchy ads should be backed up by up to date UX (user experience) design. This makes apps easy and pleasant to use. As a result, it increases the customers' satisfaction and brings a lot back for the company. Although UX has become an integral part of the app design process one might ask, "What is the significance of UX?". In a nutshell, do you want your users to love your app and keep coming back?

Check out these 6 Significant reasons for investing in UX design

Reason#1: UX design encourages your users to interact with the content of your website


Your content is any and everything you see on the web page or in the mobile app. Now, the role of UX when trying to motivate users to interact with content, including, reading related articles on your blog or purchasing of an item is huge. When app designers design the app, UX designers create a user description of the potential users of the app. These help the UX designers get a better idea about their target audiences and hence create a user experience that encourages users to browse the web pages or the mobile app. With techniques like, “You’ll also like these products,” “Similar to the items you’ve recently viewed,” the people's attention is effectively grabbed. Research shows that 56% of people are likely to come back to such a website.

Reason #2: UX design helps avoid wastage of resources

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By investing in UX design you can easily keep yourself from wastage of human resources, time and money. 

Reason #3: UX design increases customer loyalty

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It takes a good UX design to help you not only get new users but also retain the old ones. 

Reason #4: UX design stimulates word-of-mouth

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Reviews left online serve to be the best word of mouth. These are read by everyone and adds to the credibility of your website. Creating a decent level of understanding with the customers helps improve the website according to them. This helps create a better experience and in turn, lead to better reviews.

Reason #5: UX design enables your website to reach its full potential

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One must note that Apple was not the first smartphone that was invented neither was Facebook the first social media network, so what could be the reason these products performed better than their rivalries? Good user experience and usability were the prime reasons for their exponential growth. Therefore, giving your users a good user experience is how your website reaches its full potential.

Reason #6: Boost your team's spirit

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Having reached its full potential your team would see the rising value of what they are building. They would start believing more and more in what they are doing. This will boost and encourage them to work better and feel good.