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2 Mar, 2022
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8 Reasons Why You Need to Redesign Your Website

8 Reasons Why You Need to Redesign Your Website - Banner

Your website occupies a central position when deciding the online strategies for the business. There could be several reasons that will require you to redesign the website. Prioritise the reasons and consider them while planning the website redesign. We will discuss the top factors to redesign your website.

The marketing strategies of businesses revolve around the website. You can use the website to promote new launches, act as the company's mouthpiece, and help attract more prospects. Assess the website periodically to check if it needs updates. When you analyse your website, you can find the gaps to lower website visitors and reduce prospective buyers for the business.

Reasons You Need To Redesign Your Website

1. It Needs a Better Design

Your website allows you to improve audience outreach, and it must be enticing enough to prevent visitors from leaving the website. The website may be old, and there could be a pressing reason why there is a need to redesign it. Such websites can harm your business and make visitors abandon your website.

Customers prefer to transact with a business that has a contemporary website. These websites are easy to navigate and show that the company adopts the latest technological trends. If the website design is even two to three years old, it can seem outdated against your peers. The website must have simple 2-D patterns that are clean and provide a minimalistic approach.

2. Trying to Rebrand the Website

Businesses may feel the need to rebrand their messages. It is among the critical reasons to redesign your website to adhere to your branding guidelines. Visitors will be confused if they land up at any web page that doesn't match the business's overall branding. They will feel it is a malicious web page and abandon it readily.

When you are undergoing a rebranding exercise, you must also ensure appropriate changes on the website. The developers must review the revised branding guidelines and implement them across the website. Your team must also consider any changes to your overall business strategy and offerings for the audience. When redesigning the website, you must utilise flexible and easy to use tools.

3. Willing to Drive Additional Traffic

Are you finding that the traffic to your website has stagnated? Or your website has been seeing increasing bounce rates. It will affect your revenues and prevent you from achieving your business objectives. These are a few more reasons why businesses redesign their website. You may need to make changes either to the content only or the website layout.

You must redesign your website by taking adequate inputs from the industry and assessing which areas on the website need attention. It is also feasible to add various sections on the website, like a blog section. The blog posts may also be interlinked or connected to relevant web pages on the website. Such interlinking can also provide additional SEO brownie points. You may also work on redesigning the placements of the call-to-action buttons and the forms on the website. 

4. Adding Features to the Website

Your business must adopt new technologies. To improve user experience, it becomes necessary to incorporate next-generation technologies on the site. Moreover, it can help them meet the expectations of the tech-savvy audience and help them stay ahead of their competition. Some of the new features businesses generally add to their website are chatbots, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Businesses must pay heed to the latest trends and do a competitor audit of their peers to understand the trending website features in the industry. Then, they must quickly assess the resources they will need to get it live on the site within a short time. Finally, if some of the features do not work as desired, you must redesign the site.

5. Working on a Responsive Design

The search engines like Google have been prioritising mobile-friendly websites doing keyword search rankings. It is in sync with their policy of providing an enhanced experience for their users. It had been easy for businesses to maintain websites targeted at desktop users. It is among the crucial reasons to redesign your website. It will also optimize the resources at their disposal.

Studies show that the audience expects a seamless user experience across all devices. They would like to receive the information they need without too many hassles. You will lose customers if the user experience isn’t the same across all devices. You can redesign a mobile responsive website using CMS that will require minimal resources. Moving to a responsive website will also ensure additional visitors and more conversions.

6. Making the Website Easier to Navigate

Businesses must ensure that the website is easy to navigate. You must understand the audience behaviour, and heatmaps, website analytics, etc., can help you understand visitors' paths as they navigate the website. 

Do adequate research about the audience's personas and understand their buying behaviour and search patterns. Also, do competitor research to overview the workflows that visitors of your peers' experience when they visit those websites.

You can take the help of UX experts who can consult you about the ideal workflows for the visitors. They can visualise the buyer’s journey and suggest the optimal workflows that will suit your audience. It is equally critical to have good content and the CTAs that will help enhance the pipeline of prospects. 

7. Too Many Errors on the Website

As your website grows, several errors can be across the website, and it would be impossible to use it. For example, the website can have old layouts, outdated deals, broken links, and webpages, etc. It is frustrating for visitors who would visit the website searching for information or trying to undertake a transaction. In addition, several areas may be broken and may require redesign done by the experts.

There could be features on the website that are not running for various reasons. Your team must constantly update software and plug-ins associated with the website to the latest version. Undertake a periodic assessment of your website and correct the errors on the website. If there are too many errors, you can redesign your website.

8. Better Control Over the Website

Always keep your website updated to have better control over the website, and carrying out marketing campaigns using the website is possible. A backdated website must be replaced by one with a new design. It will help your support team to keep track of the latest updates. 

An updated website with the latest functionalities can help create landing pages easily that can draw additional visitors to your website. A/B testing of the landing pages will require updating the website design regularly. However, you can quickly find out the designs working with your audience.


Businesses use their website to interact with their audience. The website must be in sync with the company's business goals and branding guidelines. It must be fresh and resonate well with the target market. As a web admin, you must redesign the website to improve its performance, add functionalities, or stay ahead of your peers. You can use various tools to assess the design, outreach capabilities, etc.

There are several reasons why you need to redesign your website. We have discussed some of them in this article. But, first, you must be in touch with a reputed website design & development services provider like us. We will be happy to help your business.