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10 Aug, 2023
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Boost Conversions with Exit Intent Popups: The Ultimate Guide

Boost Conversions with Exit Intent Popups: The Ultimate Guide - Banner

Though this may vary from website to website, a visitor spends an average of 45 to 54 seconds on each page. That’s far too little, right? Do you want something to entice them to stay on your website longer? The exit intent popup is going to be your savior!

An exit intent popup is the type of website overlay you can display when a visitor attempts to leave a site. The intent is to retain the visitor and convince them not to leave the site.

Many business websites, e-commerce sites, and other online stores use exit intent popups to capture visitors. The longer the visitors stay on your website, the better the chances are they will convert into customers. Or they might keep reading and at least subscribe to your email newsletter for future business.

This blog intends to talk about exit intent popups, how you should use them, and their role in boosting conversion for your business. Continue reading to find out!

How Does the Exit-Intent Popup Work?

exit intent pop up messaging example

Exit intent technologies track the cursor movements of the visitor, and when the visitor moves outside the upper page boundary, a popup window displays. Are you still confused about it? Here is your read!

Whenever a visitor visits your website, he moves the mouse around. Whenever the user’s mouse cursor leaves the active area of the browser, that is, the actual content window, and moves to the static area represented by the search bar, toolbar, and any other browser add-ons that are not part of the loaded web page; a message pops up. This message is popular as exit intent popups.

How Do Exit Intent Popups Work On Mobile Devices?

Yeah! You may wonder if exit intent technologies work more based on desktop cursor movements than mobile devices.

Well! The triggers that tools use to track exit intent here vary. Here, exit intent technologies check if the user touches the back button, switches between tabs, or sometimes leaves a page idle for a set time.

exit intent popups on mobile devices

How Do Exit-Intent Popups Boost Conversion For Your Business?

Exit popups come in various forms and boost conversion in different ways. Some of the best exit intent popups offer discounts, freebies, or valuable information.

For example, you can offer a free delivery option on an ecommerce site where a visitor has already filled his cart with some products but is abandoning it. However, if the visitor on the same ecommerce site hasn’t filled the cart with any products yet and is pressing the back button, you can offer some freebies or discount offers. 

In one way or another, exit intent popups attract some of your leaving visitors to your offers and boost conversions for your business. 

Here are some more examples of exit-intent popups that suit various industries and objectives:

  • You can offer an exclusive piece of content related to a particular topic the visitor was reading
  • If you have a software or service-based business, your exit intent popup could offer a free trial or demo of the product or service.
  • You could encourage visitors to follow your brand on social media platforms.
  • You could use intent popups for feedback forms that demonstrate company values.

What Features Should You Look For In An Exit Intent Popup?

Not everyone might be a fan of exit popups, but using them smartly can impact your business. Don’t let a poorly designed popup annoy your visitors. Here are some of the features that you should consider for an exit popup:

  • Content Copy

An exit popup must communicate your brand's message in an easy-to-understand manner. We recommend you create attractive headlines with a short description that conveys your message.

  • Include CTA

You should use motivational words and phrases for your CTA. You can also make some offers that are unique and brand building.

  • Pick Right Image

You must pick the exit intent popup image relevant to your offer. It should connect well with the target audience and be attention-grabbing. However, you must remember not to be too loud, distracting the audience from the offer.

  • Design

The design of the exit intent popups should be easy to scan, straightforward, and mobile friendly. Although some users may be OK with a popup covering the entire window, your popup should be displayed on the side or bottom of the screen.

  • A/B Testing

If you test the placement and design of the exit intent popups, you can target your prospects and customers in their buyer's journey.


Websites must be committed to keeping more visitors and luring them into engaging, subscribing, and buying from them. Exit popups help you do so. The easiest way to add an exit-intent popup to your web page is with a software tool.

Innoraft can help you with the exit intent popups. We have a team of IT professionals that can help you have complete control over your exit popup features, including display frequency. Connect now for website services.


1. Do exit intent popups work only when the user clicks the close button?

Yes, it also works well when you want to exit, and the window pops up only when the user clicks the close button. However, here you can’t display rich content, for example, images, lead forms, or formatted text. It is so because you can’t use CSS. Your exit intent popups here will be limited to plain text on a gray background.

2. What are some examples of exit intent popups?

Here are some examples of exit-intent popups:

  • Offering free shipping on the first delivery
  • Discount offers
  • Presenting an entertaining game in return for an email address
  • Displaying the top trader’s badge in the popup

3. What kind of exit-intent popups work best for the business?

Exit intent popups with rich media content perform better than plain text ones. Plain text looks dull to the visitors, making it hard to capture their attention.