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19 Aug, 2021
6 min read

Ecommerce Best Practice That Will Boost Your Sales

Ecommerce Best Practice That Will Boost Your Sales - Banner

The eCommerce industry has been growing exponentially, and statistics show that it is bound to evolve further in the future. The higher penetration of smartphones and high-speed internet has additionally added to the growth of the industry. It has led to brick-and-mortar also taking the online route to boost revenue. The competition is immense, too, that will require you to adhere to the eCommerce best practice to boost sales.

As the number of players in the market increases, the competition is bound to grow more challenging. While it is essential to bring in more visitors to the website and entice them towards a sale, you must also ensure adequate customer service to ensure loyalty. This article will discuss some of the eCommerce site best practices that can help your business increase conversions.

Essential eCommerce Best Practice for your Website

Make your Website Responsive

An essential eCommerce best practice is to make the website responsive. More than half of the visitors will be using their smartphones to visit your website. Hence, the website must be responsive for mobile users too. Moreover, search engines also provide weightage to the responsiveness of websites.

The website must load quickly on different devices with ideal loading speeds. The font size and the CTA buttons must be suitable for mobile users. The navigation must be optimized for mobile users too.

responsive website design

An Omnipresent Search Bar

An incoming visitor would be looking for the search bar right away and must not scroll up to find it. Therefore, always ensure that the search bar is present where the visitors would like it to be. In addition, given that half of the visitors would be using their smartphones, it is also necessary that the search bar is always viewable by mobile users.

A prominent search bar can help to boost business, and it must be intelligent too. It must suggest acceptable keyword terms and make it easier for the visitor. If no products are available for a particular keyword search, it must return the products that nearly match the search terms.

Remove Clutter

One of the ideal eCommerce website best practices is to remove the clutter on the home page and subsequent pages. Too much content on a web page may not be suitable for visitors as well as search engines. The visitors will get bewildered if they are faced with too much information when they visit your website. Similarly, search engines will not understand the content on your site.

You must categorize the website so that the relevant products are tagged to their respective categories, and only the relevant content is present on the homepage. Too much clutter on the website will also make it challenging to find the call-to-action buttons.

Use the Best Quality Images

You must use the best quality images on your website. It is known that the best quality images can easily attract the customer's attention. It can also help them have a better idea about the product they are going to buy. Therefore, it is suggested that you utilize your content rather than requesting the suppliers for images.

It would help if you also had the pictures of the products from different angles that help to provide the customer with an overall view of the product. If you do not have the best quality images of the products, the chances are high that you will lose out on conversions.

appealing images

Have Streamlined Workflows

You must get in touch with a responsive eCommerce web development company to increase conversions on your eCommerce website. They will have expert UX designers who can design the optimized workflows for your website. The workflows across the website must be simple, with the products categorized across proper heads.

It is essential to ensure a better user experience, and the visitors must not find it difficult to search for various products across the site. The visitors must find it easy to move across multiple pages on the website. The website must also understand their behavior and provide them with good product suggestions.

Put the Value Proposition Upfront

The visitors must come to the landing page and have a complete idea about your product offerings. The best eCommerce homepage practices suggest that the value proposition must be present on the banner and resonate with the visitors. Hence, you must assess the buying behavior of the visitors and create the banners accordingly.

You can also have the targeted discounts on the banner sparingly or at ideal places on the landing page. There has been an eCommerce best practice that suggests not to include carousels on the banner. It prevents the visitors from being at ease on the website and may bounce off.

Take Services from a Premium Web Host

Your website should load within the optimal time. The potential customers will move away from the website if it takes too much time to load. It will also increase the website bounce rate and affect your SEO negatively. To prevent losing out on customers, you must take services from a premium web host.

You must enter into agreements that will ensure that you are provided with adequate resources to ensure the fast loading of the website. It will also prevent glitches on the website and reduce downtime of the website.

best possible hosting

Provide your Contact Details Upfront

The visitors must trust the business that requires you to place the trust factors upfront. For example, the contact details of your customer support team must be put upfront. A critical eCommerce best practice requires you to ensure that your customers contact your team readily if they face any issue.

A detailed FAQ can help you to answer most of the queries of the customers. You must utilize these interactions to update the FAQ section. Using next-generation technologies like chatbots can help you address most of the customer queries.

Display Adequate Product Information

As an essential eCommerce best practice, you must ensure that the visitors can go through detailed information about the products they are looking for. Therefore, you must optimize the product descriptions for search engines. In addition, you must also use the product descriptions to maximize the searches within the website.

Keep in mind that detailed information and comparisons with similar products can help the customers choose the products that suit them. In addition, high-resolution images along with detailed product information can help to increase conversions.

Provide Additional Information Upfront

The customers will also seek information about the policies of your business. Many of them would prefer to go through the Return and Exchange policies before making their purchase decision. The Shipping policies are equally critical for your website.

You must also provide information about your business and the mission and vision of your website. The goals and objectives of your business are equally important. You can club them together into a single webpage. The links to the policies and the company details can be placed at the footer of the website.

Optimize the Checkout Process

Studies show that card abandonment is abundant and requires you to optimize the checkout process too. The process should be simple, and you must provide adequate payment options for the customers. You can help the customers through mouseover aids that can help them understand the forms better.

The order summary must show up during the checkout process that helps to check on the cart before finally buying the products. The checkout page must also show the badges that can assure that the payment process is secure.

easy checkout

Use Reviews and Testimonials

Your audience would look forward to hearing from the current customers about the credibility of the products sold on your website. Therefore, you must entice your customers to provide reviews and testimonials of the products they buy. Consequently, it is also essential to allow only genuine reviews on your website.

You can send out emails requesting them to provide reviews for the products. Even loyalty discounts for providing reviews can help. Do not worry about a few negative remarks, as it would make the overall reviews look genuine.


While it may be true that the eCommerce industry is seeing tremendous growth, you must keep in mind that running the site is not easy. There are several critical factors to keep in mind to improve mindshare among your audience. Your website is vital for your outreach, and you must adhere to the eCommerce website best practices to improve conversion rates. You can get in touch with the experts for a detailed discussion to enhance your website. We would be eager to help!