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15 Oct, 2021
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How good is Shopify for Your eCommerce Website Development?

How good is Shopify for Your eCommerce Website Development? - Banner

Several companies are using Shopify as the framework for their online business. One of the significant benefits of this platform is that it lets both small and large enterprises scale their custom websites. The platform also allows companies to use several channels to reach out to their audience. This article will discuss how Shopify is among the best choices for eCommerce website development.

Till a few years back, only the big giant corporations had online businesses. However, the growth of eCommerce has made several companies opt for this channel to increase their revenue. There were also various issues as the market was in its nascent stage. The advent of smartphones and high-speed internet has led to increased use of eCommerce websites.

Why you can Choose Shopify Development Services for your Website

Ease of Use

Shopify is easy to deploy, and you can use the Shopify development services of a renowned partner and go live within a short timeframe. It is a scalable solution and can readily support multiple devices. It has a straightforward and easy to use interface, and even beginners can readily set up their online store within minutes. The editor is easy to use and runs smoothly too.

While designing the website, users can take the help of the assisting prompts to ensure they have an optimised website targeted at their audience. It also ranks higher among its peers in being a more accessible option for developers. It also has a free trial option that allows developers to try their hand at it before designing the website. You can also take the help of renowned Shopify eCommerce website development providers for your website.

A Powerful Tool to Enhance Business

One of the essential features of Shopify is the several marketing and other associated features that makes it a big draw among several small and large businesses. The developers can choose from an assortment of free and paid apps from the Shopify store. It is also easy to set up and launch the store, and the admin interface is user-friendly and intuitive. Admins can also take the benefit of centralised spaces to carry out their business.

Developers also need not write lengthy code to design the perfect Shopify store. There are specific tools to improve customer experience and provide intelligent tools to the website. You can also choose from around 160 odd paid and free themes to design the ideal online store.  An in-built PoS system can allow sellers to market their products even when on the move.

Create Exquisite Workflows

Your website must have optimised workflows that allow easy navigation for the visitors. It is essential for eCommerce web development services to keep this in mind when designing the websites for their clients. For example, Shopify helps developers customise the website's design according to the audience demographics and the branding guidelines.

Several themes come within your budget and can be easily customised to make them appealing for visitors. It allows a better first impression to the visitors and increases the chances for conversions and repeat purchases. Shopify Plus improves the checkout process too.

Assures Scalability

A critical factor for all eCommerce businesses is ensuring the scalability of the website. There could be occasional spurts in visitor footfalls, and the website is resilient enough to allow the company to tap the additional revenue. The cloud infrastructure of Shopify Plus can enable your business to scale up in future. There are systems to control latency and ensures there are no single failure points.

Shopify Plus has access to the Launchpad tool that can alleviate the problems associated with launching products fast. In addition, the Shopify team carries out passive load testing at frequent intervals and assesses the critical places on the platform. Due to the open APIs and flexibility, Shopify Plus can be the ideal Shopify eCommerce website development option for all businesses.

Provides a Secure Option

Studies show that visitors will readily abandon any website if there aren't any trust factors. Hence, it is becoming increasingly essential to ensure the security of your website. Shopify is designed to be a hosted solution and ensures the integrity of the customer data stored over time.

Shopify also allows you to customise the hosting procedure, allowing the businesses to have unlimited bandwidth. In addition, some of the essential security features like the usage of PCI standards, anti-phishing features, need for the Transport Layer Security (TLS), and using the two-step authentication methodology are some of the security features associated with this platform.

Awesome Customer Support

When you are selecting the CMS, it is essential to assess the support options available. The users can readily access the 24X7 customer support options from Shopify across multiple channels, like Twitter, chat, email, or over the phone. In addition, the web admins can readily receive a response to their queries, which also ensures the smooth running of the website.

Shopify customer support also helps businesses to prevent any system downtime. It helps small businesses by acting as an extension of the company and not requiring additional resources. You can utilise the exhaustive volumes of documentation in the Shopify Help Centre. Web admins can also take the help of active communities and the advanced Shopify University guides.

Enhanced Application Integration

Companies find it easy to integrate more channels to their site platforms. It can help them in increasing the features for their customers and thereby ensuring an enhanced customer experience. Integrations are easily manageable on the platform, and the website administrators must only identify the services they wish to integrate. Several applications are free, and you can incorporate them into the website.

Developers can use the integration features to simplify various workflows like accounting, shipping and inventory management, integrating media channels, etc. There are also options to integration email transponders apart from several marketing applications. In addition, the integrations can drive traffic, and there are several reporting apps to analyse the traffic and optimise the website.

Adequate Marketing Features

The prerequisite of any CMS is the presence of adequate marketing tools to enhance conversions. The CMS ensures that your website is responsive and provides a seamless experience across all devices. All the themes are mobile responsive, and the in-built shopping cart looks excellent on all devices. The platform also allows developers to create multiple payment options and can integrate with several payment gateways. Marketers can also devise gift vouchers and discount codes without hassles.

Shopify can readily assess the card abandonments and inform the businesses to persuade those customers to finish the checkout process. It has inbuilt marketing tools that can help in SEO. The web admins can quickly customise the page titles and the meta tags to gain SEO brownie points. Users also have access to advanced SEO analytics to have detailed insights. All themes have social media icons, and Shopify Kit is a virtual employee for your marketing activities.

How much does it Cost for eCommerce Website Development using Shopify

Let us now have an overview of the eCommerce website development cost in India. While Shopify does have a 14-day trial plan, you must opt for the paid plans only. 

Shopify pricing summary

  • Shopify Lite: US$9 per month. You can also add eCommerce to a Facebook page or the existing website.
  • Basic Shopify: US$29 per month. It is the cheapest plan to build your online store and provides all the essentials.
  • Shopify: US$79 per month. It is ideal for growing businesses and includes features such as gift card creation.
  • Advanced Shopify: US$299 per month. It is ideal for big businesses and includes advanced reports and third-party calculated shipping rates.
  • Shopify Plus: Custom pricing for large-scale, enterprise-level businesses.

Cost for Shopify eCommerce Web Development Services

The overall cost for designing and implementing the website can vary according to the geographies and the features involved. The price for a basic website could be around US$ 500 - US$ 1,000 for basic templates and graphics. The established Shopify eCommerce website development could charge between US$ 5,000 - US$ 20,000 for a custom website. The extensive projects could easily cost up to US$ 50,000 or even near US$ 100,000 in overall costs.


The eCommerce industry is growing at a scorching pace and seeing immense competition among the incumbent players. Therefore, it becomes essential to design an optimised website that can entice visitors and ensure more conversions. Businesses - both small and large, can use Shopify to create websites that can increase their revenues. You can be in touch with the premier eCommerce web development services provider. Our experts will be happy to help.