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13th Oct, 2021
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Top Android App Development Trends to Look Out in 2021

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Android apps are user-friendly and do not require elaborate training sessions. The ongoing pandemic has also seen an increased use of Android apps. Developers must keep in mind that they adhere to the latest Android app development trends to help their clients stay ahead of the competition.

Businesses must improve user experience to enhance mindshare and improved brand awareness. With the increased use of smartphones, brands are taking this route to stay in the audience's minds for more extended periods. It has led to the increased use of mobile apps, and Android app development has seen increased demand over time.

This article will discuss the various trends to consider while developing your Android mobile app.

Use of the Latest Technologies

Brands incorporate the latest technologies on the websites readily. So why would mobile apps be left behind! The latest trends in android app development include the use of several next-generation technologies. We will discuss these features now.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Several brands have improved app downloads and conversions through the intelligent use of AI and ML features. Apart from improving developers' productivity, it can also help automate coding, testing, and application implementation. The use of AI can aid several features that can increase the uptake of these applications. The use of ML along with Deep Learning can provide real-time analytics too.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Yes, you have seen it right! IoT is also finding its way into mobile apps and is among the latest Android app development trends. It is helpful for both commercial and household use cases and allows the management of digitally connected devices remotely. The developers should consider the logical connectors that will enable the apps to connect with various devices. The developers can use Android Studio and Android SDK for app development.


The use of Blockchain technology allows the use of stringent security protocols and prevents unauthorised access. It is ideal for the financial sector, and you can use the services of a mobile application development company to include this feature in your mobile app. The use of Blockchain technology will ensure the apps are tamper-proof and ensure data integrity and faster payments. It also provides for safer data encryption and distributed data for protection against network failure.

Use of VR and AR

Brands find it necessary to provide an enhanced experience for mobile app users. One of the upcoming standard android app trends is the use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. It has been made possible by the introduction of ARCore and ARKit by Google.

This feature will be a trendsetter for the industry, and the major technology brands are spending heavily on newer use cases for their mobile applications. They are being used not only for gaming applications but also across several industries like education, healthcare, retail, travel. etc.

Other Top Mobile Android App Development Trends

The use of Android apps has led to improvement in user experience. We will also discuss some of the other Android app trends that are prevalent currently.

Instant Apps

It is a unique feature that can allow you to try out the app without ever downloading it on your device. It does not block space on your smartphones and is usually associated with an excellent UI/ UX design. The apps are compatible across various devices and require minimal storage space too.

The developers can use the App Link Assistant and the Instant App SDK to convert the mobile app into an Instant App. The developers can also access the device identifiers, and the push notifications can showcase the uniqueness of the application. 

Use of Beacons

Beacons help businesses to target their potentials customers and send customised messages to them. Integration of the app with the beacons is of immense importance to various customer-oriented companies like restaurants and shops. It also allows the business to connect with its audience contextually and more efficiently. 

The technology involves using functional GPS navigational features and provides targeted leads and conversions for the business. In addition, it will see increased usage in Android mobile apps through a straightforward mapping design incorporated in the application.

integration of app with beacon

Chatbots and Google Assistant

Studies show that customers prefer to have a DIY service model rather than waiting for an executive to attend to them. This feature forms the future of android app development and ensures that it is the ideal feature for mobile apps to enhance customer experience. 

You can also integrate the app with Google Assistant, and it can help the user access the app directly. It can analyse the user's queries and provide faster assistance to their queries 24X7. The Android Slices feature allows the developers to show the essential portions of the application to the users of the Assistant.

chatsbots and google assistance

Building Apps for Foldable Devices

As smartphone technology evolves, app developers must cater to these changes. Due to the increased use of foldable phones, it was necessary to devise a strategy to be viewed seamlessly on such devices. This feature proved to be challenging for app developers too.
It is among the critical mobile app development trends, and it became necessary to develop apps with the screen size in mind. A larger screen meant that the app could provide an immersive user experience with more significant space for detail.

Multiplatform Development

This feature is the future of Android app development. A new technology named Flutter from Google provides a cross-platform framework to design apps with a single codebase. The Flutter technology is flexible, easy to learn and has a native design.

It can help in designing apps for Android, Fuchsia, iOS and desktops too. The feature allows new widgets along with a drag and drop feature. There is better support for Metal on iOS, and there are improvements in the date picker and range slider.

Application Performance Management (APM) and Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM)

There has always been an issue with the slowness of mobile apps, and these technologies can effectively tackle them. The APM can measure the device and OS statistics used.  It can also measure user performance to assess the app features used. The EMM will help in-app and mobile device management and can also help in smooth data flow and workflow optimisation.

Mobile Commerce

The use of mobile commerce is increasing, and the share of Android smartphones in revenues is proliferating. As a result, there is a need to ensure multi-platform functionality and allow mobile wallets for a better shopping experience. Furthermore, as mobile commerce increases, it also leads to increased uptake of IoT over handheld devices. 

When designing mobile commerce platforms, developers must also keep in mind the need for personalised content, high speed and convenience for users. These applications usually come with GPS features and safe payment gateways. Such apps also see higher conversions and better customer loyalty. As the audience finds it convenient to shop over their handheld devices, m-commerce apps will increase.


The number of Android apps on the Google PlayStore is increasing every day. Brands are using it as an easier way to improve their audience outreach. It helps in ensuring a better user experience and provides a convenient way to stay connected with the choicest brands. 
With so many apps jostling for space, you must stay abreast of the prevalent Android application trends to stay ahead of the competition. You must use the services of the best android app development company. Our experts will be happy to help!