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10 Jan, 2022
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What is the Importance of Responsive Web Design for Business Growth

What is the Importance of Responsive Web Design for Business Growth - Banner

The key to the success of your business arrives when your website meets the requirements of the customers. And to meet the demands of the customers, your website should be highly responsive. By responsive website, we mean that it should be mobile-friendly to become feasible for your customers to browse the information. 

According to a study by hubspot.com, 73.1% of web designers believe that a non-responsive design is a top reason visitors leave a website. Considering this stat, we guess about the popularity of responsive web design. Other causes are slow to load times, poor navigation, and poor content structure. So, in this blog, we will be discussing the importance of responsive web design.

reasons why visitors leave website

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design or development is all about creating a system that acts according to the user's preferences or reacts according to the user's screen. Therefore, responsive design will focus on the user's browsing experience with the web page's highly flexible and responsive web page.

Responsive sites offer different experiences to all kinds of audiences instead of designing separate websites for mobile and desktop. 

Let's have a look at the example given by Time Magazine that shows how responsive design changes to fit the screen:

responsive website design example

Important Reasons that show the Importance of Responsive Web Design for Business Growth

Mobile Usage Is On The Rise

According to the study, nearly 58% of American adults have smartphones, and about 60 % of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. Therefore, it could be said that the number of mobile devices is greater than the number of people existing on the earth. 

According to the stats, it has been seen that the usage of mobile devices is growing every month so that more customers will view your website from mobile phones. If your website does not respond smartly on their mobile devices, they will likely shift their focus soon to the competitor's website.

Increase sales and conversion rates

Another importance of responsive website design is that it also helps increase sales and conversion rates. An improved website that includes standardized Style Sheets (CSS) across devices and a unified design approach will have a powerful impact. And this powerful impact will bring consistent users, which will ultimately increase sales and conversion rates. 

Shopping On Mobile Devices Is Steadily Growing

Let's have a look at another importance of responsive web design. Internet shopping is more straightforward than jumping in a vehicle and heading to an online store. It is significantly more explicit on the off chance that you can do it in your beloved seat while staring at the T.V. 80% of customers consistently utilize their mobile phones to shop on the web. Also, 70% of customers currently use mobile phones while in stores during particular times of the year. Assuming your products and services aren't not difficult to see from a telephone, you're passing up a chance.

Online Media Increases Mobile Visitors

More than 55% of social media utilization presently occurs on mobile phones, so sharing connections from social media locales like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Google Plus to your website will mean significant additional traffic and review of your website. So assuming that you have a social advertising strategy and need to share content, get responsive.

Optimized Traffic

Optimizing traffic is one of the best advantages of responsive web design. Insights show that almost 79 % of world wide web traffic comes from mobile phones. This records for the more significant part of all worldwide Internet traffic. This optimizing traffic mainly shows how it is progressively imperative to have a website that renders appropriately on every mobile phone.

By executing a responsive plan, you will see an increment in your website customer's quantity and the time they spend on your website.


Keeping up maintenance for your mobile and non-mobile customers can get costly. By utilizing responsive plans, you can save money by dispensing with the expense of paying for a mobile site. You will have to put resources into a single site configuration to interest all visitors and devices.

One more advantage of utilizing a responsive site is: it offers you a lower support cost when contrasted with running two variants of one website.

Notwithstanding, it is somewhat costly to start. Yet, the diminished expense of maintaining separate sites adds up.

One Site Is Easier To Manage And Increase R.O.I.

There are presently numerous organizations with two sites: 1) their primary site and 2) a second mobile variant of their site. This was a regular practice before responsive improvement turned into the preferred strategy. That implied multiple variants to oversee and update - inefficiency.

Your site will adjust to every device, giving the appropriate format and content that best addresses the clients' issues. However, it also implies that your business will have one site to make due, which means you'll need to update content one time, paying little heed to how various individuals consume your content. That likewise implies lower web content service costs and higher R.O.I.

Responsive Sites Provide A Better User Experience

There are many business reasons to execute a responsive website. However, they all associate back to giving a better user experience to your customers. A responsive site implies no really squeezing and zooming, and no more side- looking to see a whole website that doesn't fit on a mobile screen. What's more, a better user experience supports site changes and further develops brand image.

Final Words

The age and the craze of mobile phones demand highly responsive web design for business growth. Responsive websites add the mandatory charm to your business when your customers search your brand on their mobile devices.

So, if you are a startup or already hold a good business, do not forget to implement responsive websites to retain the repeated customer's attention.