Innoraft’s Day Out: Fun Filled Day at IBIZA
28 Feb 2017

Innoraft’s Day Out: Fun Filled Day at IBIZA

Saturday (February 25, 2017), the Rafters headed for a day long fun filled activities. We started off early in the morning to drive down to IBIZA resorts.
html to pdf
28 Jun 2016

Save a pdf copy of node whenever its created

Did you ever feel the need to save a node in pdf format on your server whenever a new node is published, if this is your case then you have come to the...
Docker @ Innoraft
14 May 2016

Docker @ Innoraft

My previous blog How I Started Docker was about my first encounter about Drupal. After that we all started playing with Docker
Graphic representation of layers
13 May 2016

Web architecture : Make layers know each other

This week we had to move some of our non HTTPS Drupal websites over HTTPS. The task is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is get a SSL certificates...