1Drupal Development

We provide custom tailormade Drupal design and development services to our clients following the best practices to deliver wow solutions.

As one of the leaders in Drupal design and development services in India, Innoraft has provided customized Drupal-based solutions to some of the best organizations all over the world. Our Drupal development solutions include (and are not limited to):

  • Architect your Drupal web application to scale
  • Develop custom tailormade components in a modular fashion
  • Optimize the code
  • Deliver a full proof secure and performance tuned go live

2Migration to Drupal 8

Innoraft offers Drupal 8 migration and upgrade services. Drupal 8 is packed with lot of in-built features and is better security and performance optimized.

The support for both Drupal 7 and PHP 5 is going to end soon. Drupal 8, on the other hand, will have a way longer support. And it supports PHP 7 which is way faster than PHP 5. From both the security and performance perspective, it is best to take the decision to migrate your Drupal site to Drupal 8 soon. Some key benefits are:

  • Built-in services-based, API architecture
  • Twig – for faster and more secure engine theme
  • Better Configuration Management
  • Faster Performance

3Drupal Performance Optimization

Your application needs to respond fast. Innoraft has optimized drupal applications and website to faster response times than most of its competitors.

We are all building your website or web application for your users. And you don’t want them to leave your website because it is slow. Why is it important?

  • Website speed is the first impression you ever make.
  • User experience matters a lot.
  • You are losing your conversions if you are slow.
  • Your rank on Google is affected by your website speed.

4Drupal Support & Maintenance

Innoraft provides expert level Drupal support & maintenance services for enterprise looking for support and maintenance for their Drupal-based applications.

Support and maintenance is the backbone to a successful website. Here are some key aspects of the support and maintenance that we provide in Drupal.

  • Security & feature updates of Drupal core and contrib.
  • Security & feature updates of all side technologies like Bootstrap, jQuery, etc.
  • Automated testing of the critical path.
  • Fix bugs and provide cosmetic updates to the application.

5Headless Drupal / Decoupled Applications

Innoraft delivers superior level support for drupal applications. We can help implement fast and salable Decoupled Drupal solutions for the enterprise.

Drupal is a great web content manager. If you can create APIs for all content and functionality, then you can use another frontend engine for web and mobile apps.

  • Headless Drupal means using Drupal as backend engine with APIs.
  • You can choose to use Angular/React/Vue/Backbone (anything) for your frontend now.
  • You can also use something like React Native to create a mobile app.
  • Your web app and mobile app can be easily controlled via backend from the same CMS.


    6UI / UX

    We develop an engaging user experience for your target audience with an intuitive and consistent UI design strategy.
    • Design for the user who uses the product and not the product itself
    • Make it usable and attractive at the same time
    • Our designs are more of a beautiful journey than a satisfying destination
    • Success is for the customer to remember your UI and UX

    7Web Development

    Innoraft is a web development company. We develop website using open source technologies with a penchant for innovation and love for the processes.
    • Bring the 3Ps together i.e. plan, process, and people
    • Technology is our strong forte, we understand what will work for your requirement
    • We constantly tend to innovate and improve our processes
    • Testing is an important part of the development and is a way of our life now

    8Managed Hosting

    We help you host your website or web application on AWS with a scalable architecture, tight security, and outstanding performance.

    It is as simple as:

    • Architect your AWS infrastructure based on need
    • Setup the servers
    • Check security and optimization of performance
    • Continuously monitor the application


    Innoraft offers SEO and Digital marketing Services. Our goal is that your potential customer reaches you before they reach your competitor.
    • Getting the right keywords is important, we do that
    • Improving the ranking for the current keywords and new ones is our key deliverable
    • If you can measure it, you can improve it and we do it well
    • The world of search engines is constantly changing and we are keeping up to it